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Bells asked in PetsDogs ยท 8 years ago

Good Morning Dog Section: Happy Monday? Then and Now~!?

This would be my pet peeve question #3...

Do you think people are more involved in the affairs of others now a days? when it comes to pets? then lets say 50 - 100 years ago?

we all have seen the questions..."My neighbor's dog is being abused b/c its outside all day..."...."What kind of dog do I buy for my depressed friend?"...."How can I make my friend not buy a dog"........"I saw the lady on the street with a dog wearing a prong collar, do I call the cops or the FBI to report the abuse?"......

Do you think this is a recent trend? or has it always been there? If recent, what are some reason for it?

UNLEGIT: nothing like watching Brady fall on his assss last nite...he he!!!! Did YOU watch the SuperBowl and are you happy with the outcome?


ADD1: JulieD..the half time show was good...apparently I missed the part where M.I.A flipped someone

And dang...Madonna looked good for being 55+ year old! We had 30 year old men at the bar

Update 2:

ADD15: Uhave2be...the two men in afro's were LMFAO...(i think)...I've heard of them a couple of times ...dont forget a have a teenage at home...thus I am privy to ALL the NEW AND IMPROVED "musicians"...or whatever you want to call them....

Update 3:

ps....and "LMFAO" is the name of their "group"...not me making a statement of how f wonderful they clarifying

Update 4:

ADD23: is a REAL But in my book, anything other then Miley Cyrus and the rest of the 12 yr old singers with boob jobs is good!

so Milly Vanilli on acid...bring it on@!

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    Yes. Back in the day people tended to mind their own business, and some things were never even spoken about. (this is not only about dogs)

    Unlegit: I don't know anything about Football. I don't care about Football. I hate Football......HOWEVER I did watch the 1/2 time performance because *The Material Girl* is one of my all time favorites. Oh, and she's also *Michigan made* just like me, and grew up not far from where I live.

    Add: Bells, I think she is either 50 or 51. Hey, I use to have legs like hers when I was 20. lol

    Just looked it up. She was born Aug. 16th, 1958. I was born in '55.

  • heart
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    8 years ago

    Well it's interesting because people are also freely putting their sh*t out in the open like on Y! if someone wants to say they have no money for a vet and their dog whimpers in pain after getting run over by the car (oops) I'm going to shove my opinion up the rear and then some. Of course 9 out of 10 times it's a troll.

    So there's those who invite others into their private lives. And I think it's a good thing. You're d*** right I keep my eyes open. If I see any real child and animal abuse, I'm going to report it. And I really hope every human being will do the same. We should look out for one another. Instead I don't see that. I see us caring more about some celebrity than the old lady or man next door who needs help grocery shopping. And the dog covered in bloody sores that are getting worse every month, people think "not my problem".

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Yes, definitely. Although in the "olden days" people did tend to communicate more in person, but mainly about family or such. NOT about the dog being tied up in the back garden for hours on end. I think the problem is, pets have become a much more important part of our lives. Where before they were simply animals that were just used for a purpose. These days, they are dressed up, carted around everywhere, given birthday parties and fed ridiculously expensive food. Also don't forget, most people think their way of caring for dogs is the best and only way. So someone doing something with their pet that isn't seen as "right" or "correct" always causes differences of opinions, or problems. And people feel they have the right to voice their opinion, whether it's wanted or not! Everyone wants to put their two pence in

    Oh, and i didn't watch the superbowl. I don't even know what that is!

  • 8 years ago

    being 'more involved in the affairs of others' shouldn't be portrayed as neccesarily a negative.

    back in the day, people swept this kinda stuff under the rug:

    wife beating

    child beating

    molestation - by priests, family, teachers.

    and alot more pet abuse back then too.

    "nowadays" while there's perhaps more misguided, over bunny-hugging nosiness as it pertains to people's pets these days ... I'll take the bad (and laugh at it) with the good.

    UNLEGIT: as a longtime Patriots season tix holder, sure it would have been cooler to win - but this SB was like an unexpected bonus anyways. This years weak team nearly made a farce of the whole league. '07 is what smarts.

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  • Coley
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    8 years ago

    Oh absolutely! I love how people, often without pets at all, sit on their pedestal and accuse every other pet owner of doing everything wrong. While there are plenty cases of abuse/neglect in a dog so many people meddle in situations in which the person is being a normal, average, dog owner.

    What gets me is the people who think dogs should not be left outside...because that is neglect. Dogs should not wear a prong, e collar etc...that is abuse. The list literally goes on and on. What gets me EVEN more is these people who are SO concerned with the well being of someone else s pet...probably would NEVER notice if the children living in the house beside them are neglected or abused. If they did they would never file a report for the children, nor would they open their home up to them. That is what gets me. But how many people would jump up and volunteer to take in a poor abused doggy? Do I think this is a recent trend? Absolutely. I know, with fair certainty, in the 70's and 80's, people did not meddle in the way another kept their dog. This is a new wave brought on by extreme bunny huggers and animal rights activist and even media. Suddenly we live in an era of dog whispering, horse whispering and even child whispering. You don't see well behaved dogs, horses or children like you used to either. And it is due to the BS crap brought daily and suddenly our rights are taken away because a few sour grapes ruined things for everyone.

  • In my experience there have always been people only too willing to attempt to shove their opinions down the throats of other people and give unsolicited advice and jump in uninvited to a conversation or broach a topic and stand on a soapbox, blind and obstinately refusing to acknowledge that is another side to an argument and they may think they know what is right, but it may be based on ignorance.

    As an example in 2003 one of my Dobermanns was diagnosed with cutaneous melanoma. The majority opinion was against my decision to opt for treatment because he was an otherwise healthy dog, the proposed treatment plan would not be gruelling and the prognosis was that he would enjoy a good quality of life for x amount of time.

    People at the breed clubs, breeders, friends and dog walking acquaintances told me to it was unfair on the dog, cruel not to opt to have him killed, he would suffer during treatment and so on - all based on what they thought they knew and closed minded, so any attempt to argue against their points of view based on facts from an oncologist, local vet and independent research fell on deaf ears.

    When the dog went on to make a full recovery and sailed through treatment, many people changed their opinion on treating a dog with cancer where there was a realistic prospect of a good outcome.

    In a nutshell whether it is a belief that a certain breed is born genetically predisposed to be vicious, prong collar are cruel regardless of the owner's ability to fit and use it correctly or treatment is one notch down from abuse, it is based on *what people think they know about something*, which may be very different from reality.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Nosy gossipers have ALWAYS been around. The internet just gives us a way to gossip to MILLIONS of people at a time!

    For example, I'm re-reading Anne of Green Gables, because I loved the series as a kid. And there's old Mrs. Rachel Lynde, who knows everything about everybody in Avonlea, and loves to put in her two cents whenever anyone asks, and especially when they don't! lol

    BTW, as much as I DETEST stupid music, LMFAO is simply to be adored. I mean, it's so ridiculous it's AMAZING.... haha. And that's the whole point behind their band. Besides, that sh*t's just catchy. They really do make me LMFAO!

    Youtube thumbnail

  • 8 years ago

    Hmmm...what I do find is that people delight more in the disappointment of others...don't be like those dogs in the pack that attack the ones that are down. It makes one look as if they need more socialization and retraining. Let's just talk about the Dane and the Doritoes...

    As for getting involved in other's affairs, if it's for the good of a dog, tat's why we're here, isn't it?

    At least those of us who use our powers for good...

    I would far rather see a question like "How can I make my friend not buy a dog" than answer the one about "My friend has to give her dog to a shelter".

    I got involved in someone's afairs a while back, and rescued their little dog. She had untreated chronic problems and would likely have not survived this long if she hadn't been scooped.

    She went to her new home yesterday, just before the humans all sat down to watch what they thought was important, and took her new devoted owner for a walk around the neighborhood she now believes she owns. Sometimes it's good to be a busybody. At least it worked out for this little dog, fully vetted and care for by a guy who had lost the love of his life, and now has a new girl.

    No apologies here. None at all.

    Very happy Monday for her, if otherwise a bit whistful.

    Madonna needs boots with lower heels.

  • 8 years ago

    I think in some ways it has increased. Before a farm dog running around was typical, not them being in danger. Therefore no one was concerned about it. Back then a dog with no vaccinations, not altered, but had 3 children to run around the neighborhood with was acceptable. Standards are changing, and I think people's views are changing as well. Now the internet has given people to power to announce it instead of gossiping with their neighbors and friends!


    I didn't watch it, but I went to the party. I think I watched the last five minutes... LOL. We use the Super Bowl as an excuse to get together, drink, eat way too much, and become loud mouths. ;-) My partner fights Muay Thai and won his first fight Saturday night. So yesterday it was also part celebration of that. His boxing coach got fired so he came, too, and it was fun to incorporate him into a 'friend' atmosphere vs a training one! Then it took this turn into all of us 'practicing' on one another.. Let's just say at one point 7 of us were armed with pillows and had this huge fight with teams. (We're all adults as well... The oldest participating? 35.. LOL.)

    LMFAO is a great dancing/party group. That's the intention, as well! They're actually uncle/nephew. Their music isn't about singing, but about the music behind it (and their mixes/techno are pretty great sounding) and they're pretty great dancers. (Dancing of this generation!) I never listen to them on my own time, but out at a club/party situation, they really get people going and out dancing!

    Madonna was HER time. I loved old Madonna, at this point she's just some fake woman up there in a skanky outfit that is embarrassing herself. She had it going on years ago, but her trying to flaunt it and be sexy at 50+? YIKES! (Not ssaying 50 year old women can't be sexy, but not in that fashion on national television..)

  • As long as anything another individual partakes in does not affect others negatively, I could care less if they nailed themselves naked to a cross every day. It's none of my concern and I simply do not care.

    I missed MIA flipping the bird and so did 99.99999% of the rest of humanity. And it would have been a total none event if the media had not picked on it as being anything near relevant. It's not!

    Madonna - used up old hack of a rock queen whose day passes 15 years ago. She could strut naked down my street and all I would care is how it might affect my dog.

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