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Has anyone cooked slowly for a long period of time in a non-stick pan?

Stews and other recipes that call for cooking to tenderize meat can take hours and I am wondering if the non-stick can take it? It's cold where I live and I'm anxious to make a homey meal in a non-stick Dutch oven pot someone gave me.

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    What a good question, and yes, definitely, you can cook slow and long in a high quality nonstick pan. Cooking in a slow-cooker appliance is not the only way to cook a meal in the style of fixing it and forgetting it. Stove top simmers are also rewarding to the cook who wants to go do something else while the meal magically appears a few hours later. In fact, sometimes in a slow cooker appliance, you can run the risk of the meal being too watery or steamy or poached rather than nice and browned and rich. Nonstick cooking requires lower, slower heat so it is ideal for tenderizing meat as the entire dish cooks along with it. You brown the meat first and use the same pan to tenderize the meal as it cooks for hours. My advice is that you choose a high quality nonstick pan that is heavy and has a lid. My guess is that you also are concerned about keeping the pan on heat for a long period of time, but since you will be cooking it on low heat, there is no danger of ruining the pan or burning the food. In fact, the advice for nonstick pans is not to cook higher than medium heat.

    Gail Greco

    Editor of Carefree Cooking Magazine at www.teflon.com

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    They are great as they use low heat, and teflon pans etc hate high heats.

    To me a good Dutch oven will beat a crock-pot any day and cook far faster.

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    Yeah, it should. Anytime I cook in a nonstick pan for a few hours, it always turns out fine. Just follow the recipie directions and use a spray or oil to coat the pan before placing the food.

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    Yes, a teflon (non-stick coating) pot is just fine for low slow heat over a long period of time.

    Teflon doesn't like HIGH heat for extended periods of time.

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