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My turtles wont eat what am i doing wrong?

I got teo turtles a month ago right now they are living in a 20 gallon pot cus i havent gotten a tank they a uvb light and i even take them outside for half an hour to bask in the sun. Ive gone to an exotic pet shop and asked what type Of food would be best but nothing seems to be working. Please help.

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    If they are aquatic turtles they are going to need 10 gallons per inch of shell, I'm not too sure about land turtles. But either way, a turtle needs more than just 30 minutes of basking time especially if they are aquatic turtles as they can get what is called shell rot. You will need not only the UVB light but also a heated basking lamp as well.

    If they are both not eating it could be that they are sick. Try cleaning their tank, changing the water, getting a basking bulb and be sure to have a good filter as aquatic turtles are extremely dirty.

    then try some floating foods. I like to use the Omega One line as they are all natural and very healthy for the turtles. They often time like baby shrimp (dried ones will be fine) also mine like romaine lettuce, green beans, peas.

    Good luck I hope that they feel better soon. Turtles are awesome creatures. Once you get a tank set up that will work and they are feeling better try throwing in some guppies or small feeder fish. Mine like the hunt of eating live foods. :-)

    Source(s): 5+ years of owning aquatic turtles.
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    Wait till it gets hungry.

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