terraria HOW DO I PLAY?

I just bought terraria cause it looks like a fun classic game like mario..But then im LOST? i know its a sandbox game but can some one tell me more on what i should do?

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    9 years ago
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    terraria is a simple enough game to play the controls are simple

    wasd:to move

    space:to jump

    mouse:to attack/dig/place blocks

    esc:to bring up inventory

    you start off with a copper axe/pickaxe a copper short sword and the Guide

    ill explain how to survive the first night in steps:

    1.use the axe to gather wood from trees

    2.use short sword to kill slimes to get gel

    3.in your inventory craft a crafting bench (in the bottom-left side you will see some boxes with the item name description and items required in smaller boxes beside it) some torches some wooden walls and a door

    4.build a house,start small just a simple wooden box will do place some torches so you can see and a door to keep the baddies out

    5.also gather some mushrooms

    congratulations u just survived your first night!

    from there you should craft some wooden platforms and and a furnace and dig down to get metals such as iron silver and gold from there fight the corruption and bosses and go to the underworld

    finally if you aren't sure about an item or something go to the wiki


    enjoy terraria!

    Source(s): Personal experience
  • 9 years ago

    Chop some trees and hit escape, the crafting menu is in the bottom left, build a workbench and you can start getting better stuff. Mine a little bit, get some ore and make a forge and anvil. Make new weapons and start fighting bosses.

    Source(s): Played since launch
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