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Would you rather work for LASD or LAPD?

Give me some good reasons why please

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    Both are fine.

    LAPD is the 3rd largest department in the US LASD is the 4th and the largest sheriffs department.

    Both have great reputations. Both work in urban and semi rural areas with all of the problems, and chances to do police work, that such work provides.

    LAPD has more tradition. LASD has brown uniforms which can be more comfortable than the LAPD navy blues.

    The two biggest differences, and the reason I would rather work LAPD, is the amount of driving needed in LASD and the fact that the top boss can change with every election and need not have any real experience since it is an elected position.

    Source(s): retired cop from the 2nd largest department.
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    LAPD: One of the best police departments in the entire country. A lot of people (myself included) greatly respect the LAPD for the work they are doing in protecting this city. Being an LAPD officer means being out on the streets, dealing directly with the citizens of LA. LAPD officers are sharp, well-trained and well-prepared (as a general rule).

    LASD: I don't know much about the LASD. They do work similar to that of the LAPD, but in my limited experience they have more restrictions. In my personal opinion, I would rather work for the LAPD, and in fact hope to one day. It seems more exciting, fast-paced, and I want to protect the city that I was born and raised in. You could go on their respective websites and do some more research. Law enforcement careers entail much of the same training and whatnot, from what I understand. Good luck!

    Source(s): teenager who has lived in LA her entire life :)
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