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Does anyone have a list of parts to a 1999 SAAB 9-3 Convertible top?

I bought a 1999 Saab 9-3 Convertible not knowing all the parts to the top were missing except the hydraulic hoses. Does anyone have a list of the parts needed or can tell me which website I can find ALL the parts I need to get my top working again properly without having to manually put the top up and down? Thank You

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    The Saab site is great for requests like yours if you don't have a Chilton's manual on hand. I did a search on what you wanted on the site and it came up with all the parts and diagrams on how they look and their prices. The site link is - good luck!

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    Sorry no list. You will save money if you contact a local LKQ dealer, or salvage yard. Also keep in mind if you buy these parts individually from the Oem then someone will have to try to jigsaw puzzle them back where they go. If you buy from the salvage yard you'll buy an assembly that will plug right in.

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