Got pregnant.Don't know who is the father.HELP ME!!!!!...10 pts.?

I'm 19yr old unmarried girl.I usually go out of my house for school, dance class & tution classes.I barely go out to any other places or make friends bcoz i'm not very talkative.

Few days ago, i had a headache & vomiting.I had a feeling that something wrong has happened & i went for a test secretly.Now i'm really worried bcoz the test showed all positive results of pregnancy.I cannot talk to my parents or friends about this & it is making me really nervous & helpless each day.

I know when it happens but just don't know when it happened!!!!!!

I don't know who is the father, never took any drug or alcohol, never went with anybody alone.I like babies but there is no question of giving birth to this one.I need to know who did this to me but pls pls pls help me deal with this first.

Please answer my questions below:

1.At what month the bump will be visible?

2.How can i hide my symptoms from my parents?

3.Within how much time abortion is possible?

4.How can i do abortion without getting into legal trouble?How much will it cost?

5.Is there any effective home base method to miscarriage?

6.Is there any possibilities to find out how it happened (after doing abortion) & who is the father using DNA or something?How?

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    8 years ago
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    1. You will have a small bump at 3 months, and a baby bump at 4-5 months. It depends partially on how skinny you are. You might be able to blame the weight gain on a college diet.

    2. Blame food poisoning, lactose intollerance, anything to account for feeling sick.

    3. You can have an abortion safely in the first trimester, and any abortion clinic will do it. After 12 weeks, more abortions have problems doing the procedure in the 2nd trimester unless a doctor thinks it's medically necessary.

    4. Abortions are not illegal, and they can be done fairly annoymously (not be on your medical record for example). They cost anywhere from 300 - 500 dollars for a 1st trimester abortion, but some places like Planned Parenthood may be able to offer them to you for free or at a reduced rate.

    5. The only safe at home method for a miscarriage is to take the abortion pills, which can be prescribed by a doctor or Planned Parenthood. I have no idea how much the pills cost, but I believe it's just two that you can take for early pregnancy. However, this method of birth control has been known to fail.

    6. You can talk to the councellor at planned parenthood to see if they can do genetic testing, but you'll probably never know. Unless, however, you feel you may have been assaulted, they may be able to do the genetic testing for you, but often won't release that information unless you wish to press charges.

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    8 years ago

    Why are you so set on abortion? It is not in your own interest at all. Why would you want to abort and then try to find the father? Abortion really would be the biggest mistake you have done in your life, so your hesitancy is well founded. Abortions can sometimes give you physical complications and problems with future pregnancies such as miscarriages being more likely. Also when one has an abortion, in addition to the possible complications there can often be the guilt and shame of it in the decades to come. By having that child it is no small aspect that you can go for the rest of your life knowing that you gave that child the chance to live out his or her life. This baby in you would be yet another amazing daughter or son. Also not to mention you would have this big burdensome secret hanging over you for the rest of your life. Better to be open.

    Your baby's life and your physical/spiritual well being will be more important that what is most convenient. By keeping the baby you are choosing life for him or her and you are making a right decision. I strongly counsel do not get an abortion and either keep the baby or look at adoption if you really think you would not want to raise another child. If you choose adoption then often the costs can be covered for you. You should step back and reconsider this whole thing. The whole life of your living baby inside of you hangs in the balance. That child lives in you now and will be another blessing for you or adoptive parents. I hope that you will let that baby live and allow him or her to live a full life. Wishing you wisdom in this and all the best.

  • 8 years ago

    1. Usually women start to show at 3 months, which is 12 weeks pregnant.

    2. With vomiting going on it might be hard to hide it... unless you don't make it obvious what you're doing in the bathroom and are quiet about it. Eating crackers usually helps with an upset stomach.

    3. Before you reach 12 weeks, I haven't heard of a place that will do it after then.

    4. You can't get into any legal trouble having an abortion done, at least I have never heard of such. I think it becomes a legal thing if you adopt the baby out.

    5. I don't recommend trying to give yourself a miscarriage, you might end up hurting yourself badly.

    6. You can do a dna test once you're in your last trimester I believe, they wont do one while you are in your first trimester. But a good way to try and guess who might be the father is to think back to think back to when the first day of your last period started, count 14 days up and think about who you slept with within those 3 days. that is you ovulate and have a higher chance of pregnancy.

    I am no doctor, I only stated what I know or have heard. I suggest you go down to a women's clinic and talk them about all of this and get some referrals for places to go to (especially if your wanting to have an abortion done).

  • 8 years ago

    Do tell your parents, They will find out anyway eventually, and it will be much easier with their support. No parent of a girl has not thought about this possibility.

    Do not rely on the home test. Go to a doctor. Find out for sure. They will help you decide on the abortion question if necessary.

    You could trace the father with DNA, if they are willing to co-operate. And who would you have tested? Sounds like you have no idea of who or when. Pregnancy does not happen without some form of intimacy.

    Good Luck

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  • 8 years ago

    1. 2 - 3 sometimes - 4 months.

    2. You won't be able to, after a few months it will be obvious.

    3. This depends on where you live. I will give links below for you.

    4. Abortion is usually expensive and insurance typically won't cover it. Again, links below for you.

    5. I will not discuss this, it is better to go in to a trained physician to get -this- medical help.

    6. After the abortion no and there will be little point. Depending on how many men you have been with a proper DNA scan would likely be useless without the actual cells/fetus to test.

  • 8 years ago

    1.) Everyone is different. I didnt show until 7 months.

    2.) Sometimes symtoms vary, they to are different for everyone. The flu could work.

    3.) Abortion is only possible for the first 3 months.

    4.) You are old enought to get an abortion on your own. Ranges from $350 (+)

    5.) Not any safe home methods.

    6.) They could do that, but it would be way outrageous.

    Good luck with this, hope my answers helped a little bit!

  • 8 years ago

    Oh boy :( I don't think you should get an abortion. You could give the baby up for adoption, because that way, he/she will have a chance to live. Are you living with your parents? If you are, then I guess you could get in trouble, like if they have certain rules about you having sex while living in their house. If ARE over 18, and yes, it is possible they would be disappointed, but I don't think you could get in trouble with them. I really think you should go through with the pregnancy, look into adoption, and give your baby life. You could talk to your mom first, and just carefully explain what happened. When you go to the doctor, and find out how far along you are, you could probably find out who the father is. It can't be that hard, right?

  • 8 years ago

    First of all that just doesnt happen but heres the answers1)at like ur 3rd or4th month 2)u really cant its hard 3)when u get like 3months along it costs 700 I think the price might have went up 4)ur 19 so u can do it legal 6)no theres really not

  • 8 years ago

    hi MR.Micky,

    want answers for your girl friend r for some other girl who you used her...

    There is a limitation for the day's in doing abortion, after that day which means even one day after you cant do r doctors wont do...:) but sorry i cant say the number of day's.. No body can say unless if they have been already in this situation... Dont try to lie in this way any more mr.micky

  • 8 years ago

    1. As in less than one month

    2. Go on a trip somewhere foe a long time

    3. 2 months?

    4. No clue

    5. Nope sorry!

    6. Yeah, swab the cheek and send it in. Should be good.

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