What Pokemon would best help this team?

I'm making a personal wifi team of my favorite pokemon and this is it so far. Plus I need a special attacker that goes well with them.






Swampert-Physical Wall



Gallade-Physical Sweeper

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  • 9 years ago
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    well it looks like you have a couple walls (swampert and Escavalier)- being that swampert can take some hits and Escavlier has great defense however due to his immense attack he could be a sweeper. im not to sure what you plan to do with Wimsicott exept it does have great speed. gallade im sure is a sweeper.

    you could benifit from a healer and then maybe. find a pokemon who knows heal pulse(for double battles), heal bell.... etc. possibly find a pokemon who can start. wimsicott could be good due to its speed however it wouldn't survive many hits. a good starter should lay down some form of spikes eg. skikes (duh), toxic spikes, or stealth rock.

    i see you have:





    so maybe try some Fire types to counter any grass types that would destroy your swampert. if your looking for non legendarys, i would say Arcanine or if you want to diversify from Atk and get some Sp.Atk (wich i would highly recomend) try either Volcarona or Chandelure

    Chandelure having a higher Sp.Atk but Volcarona having a unique fire attack -

    Fiery Dance- Cloaked in flames, the user dances and flaps its wings. It may also raise the user's Sp. Atk stat.

    base power 80 accuracy 100 pp 10

    and then a healing pokemon for double battles. if you dont want a heal try to diversify your pokemon's types. try dragon or flying wich also is super-effective on grass.. togekiss is a great one.. aslo Archeops who has an imense Atk or Salemence who is also incredibly powerful(one of the most powerful non-legendarys in the game) and is also a dragon type Fly is a strong flying move.. so is brave bird

    but Togekiss has awesome Sp.Atk which you could use to further diversify your team

    Source(s): serebii.net <awesome site
  • 9 years ago

    Mew Two and Alakazam are usually powerhouses of any team, but i dont kmow if you can get them in these new fangled games.

    Source(s): Gamer from the olde school
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