Sales tax for out of state (out of country!) services?

For my wedding I'm using a videographer that is based in Pennsylvania, USA.

I am based in the Caribbean and my wedding will be in the Caribbean.

Could anyone please let me know if sales tax is applicable if we are out of state (out of country!) and the service is taking place out of the country?

The videographer has added it to the invoice but usually when we purchase things online that are sent out of the USA we dont pay sales tax .

We are watching every penny for this wedding so I just wanted to check the videographer is correct

Thank you :)

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago
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    I am a business man from Missouri USA. myself. Unfortunately, when hiring a videographer or photographer from the U.S , you will be charged a sales tax. You see, a service such as videography is considered a "product", a "product" in which the service provider will be held responsible for.

    I notice that you mentioned not having to pay tax in the past for online purchases etc. that could very well be because the seller has either fixed the tax owed into the final price of the product sold, or is breaking his/her state laws and simply not claimin the money earned in that transaction.

    Also, it is my understanding, when doing business abroad, the service provider may very well be held liable for any taxes your country may impose, if they are questioned upon going through customs.

    Hope this helps.

  • tro
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    9 years ago

    these services are not being performed in any state

    and most states do not tax labor

    the sales tax would apply to the products ie. the album, etc

    you need to check with the professional who is doing the work, if you sign a contract, be sure all your questions are covered by the contract and once signed cannot be changed without mutual alterations

  • sepe
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    4 years ago

    a minimum of in CA, centers are actually not difficulty to revenues tax. you are able to verify different states' taxing government to confirm if centers are taxable in that distinctive state. As for the different area of your question, if the LLC has taxable revenues, it may pay revenues tax despite the fact that it may additionally be accumulating comparable from its customers - so there could desire to be no effect on the LLC contributors

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