French: il n'y a pas?

what is the n'y abbreviating? I know ne...pas makes something into the negative but I forget...

Also why do you have to have the 'a' before pas?

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  • RE
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    9 years ago
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    il y a = there is [literally 'it has there']

    il n'y a pas = there is no / not any [literally 'it does not have there]]

    y = there

    n'y = ne y

    il = it

    a is the third person singular of the verb 'avoir' [to have]

  • 9 years ago

    Instead of There is, in French we say: it is there or it has there Il y a, so y is for there it is the abbreviation of "ne y" the NE from "ne...pas".

    When we speak, we just say "ya pa": il n'y a pas de livres = ya pa de livres

  • 9 years ago

    To add to RE's answer, the "ne... pas" goes around the verb, and "a" is the verb in this phrase. It's a form of the verb "avoir".

    The "y" is a pronoun, but that goes after the "ne" also.

    The "n'y" is abbreviating "ne y".

  • fred
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    9 years ago

    Par example il n y a pas de lait

    y means the place or location I think

    a comes from the verb avoir which you could change to

    il n y avait pas de lait and the meaning is the same.

    Source(s): French grammarand a bit rusty on the subject.
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