Can you give me every texting abreviation and every face+meaning of that face? 10 points for most given?

Just wanna make sure i know everything with my 1st phone!


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    Single letters can replace words:

    be becomes b

    see or sea becomes c

    okay becomes k or kk

    are becomes r

    you becomes u

    why becomes y

    oh becomes o

    yeah becomes yh

    Single digits can replace words:

    won or one becomes 1

    to or too becomes 2

    for becomes 4

    ate becomes 8

    A single letter or digit can replace a syllable or phoneme:

    to or too becomes 2, so:

    tomorrow becomes 2mro or 2moro

    today becomes 2day

    for or fore becomes 4, so:

    before becomes b4

    forget becomes 4get

    ate becomes 8, so:

    great becomes gr8

    late becomes l8

    mate becomes m8

    wait becomes w8

    hate becomes h8

    date becomes d8

    later becomes l8r or l8a

    crate becomes cr8

    skate becomes sk8

    skater becomes sk8r

    and becomes &

    thank you becomes 10q, thnq, ty

    Combinations of the above can shorten a single or multiple words:

    your and you're become ur

    wonderful becomes 1drfl

    someone becomes sum1

    no one becomes no1

    any one become any1 or ne1

    see you becomes cu or cya

    for you becomes 4u

    easy becomes ez or "esy"

    enjoy becomes njoy

    adieu becomes +u


    fyi- for your information

    asap- as soon as possible

    w/ - with

    BF- boyfriend

    b4- before

    cos- because

    jk- joke

    l8r- later

    omg- oh my God

    thx- thanks

    oxox- hugs and kisses

    zzzz- sleeping or bored

    cya- see you

    HMU - Hit Me Up

    WBU - What About You?

    IDC - I Don't Care

    WDYMBT - What Do You Mean By That?

    JK - Just Kidding

    Also: JJ - Just Joking

    Meh - "I feel mediocre about that"

    UOK - Are You OK?

    TBH - To Be Honest

    FML - F*ck My Life

    GG = Good Game

    GJ = Good Job

    WTB - Want to Buy

    Also: WTT - Want to Trade

    BBIAB - Be Back in a Bit (see also: BRB - Be Right Back)

    wayd: What are you doing

    POV - Point Of View

    W8- Wait

    BISLY - But I Still Love You

    FTW - For the Win

    JTLYK - Just to Let You Know

    NVM - Never Mind

    BFF - Best Friends, Forever

    t2ul: Talk to you later

    tafn: That's all for now

    thx: Thanks

    tmb: Text me back

    tmot: Trust me on this

    ttutt: To tell you the truth

    ttyl: Talk to you later

    ur: You are

    v: Very

    w/o: Without

    wayd: What are you doing

    wbs: Write back soon

    werru?: Where are you

    wtm?: What time

    wuwh: Wish you were here

    x: Kiss

    xoxoxo: Hugs and kisses

    y: Why [or] yes

    yr: Your

    zzzz: Sleeping

    mob: Mobile

    mte: My thoughts exactly

    mtf: More to follow

    n: And

    ne1: Anyone

    np: No problem

    nrn: No reply necessary

    obtw: Oh by the way

    omg: Oh my God

    otoh: On the other hand

    pcm: Please call me

    pls: Please

    ppl: People

    prw: Parents are watching

    ptmm: Please tell me more

    qix: Quick

    r: Are [or ] or

    rotfl: Rolling on the floor laughing

    ruok: Are you OK

    sec: Second

    sit: Stay in touch

    sol: Sooner or later

    sry: Sorry

    sys: See you soon

    h&k: Hugs and kisses

    h8: Hate

    hagn: Have a good night

    hig: How's it going

    howru: How are you

    iccl: I couldn't care less

    idk: I don't know

    ilu: I love you

    im: I am

    imho: In my humble opinion

    jk: Just kidding

    jtluk: Just to let you know

    kit: Keep in touch

    kwim: Know what I mean

    l8: Late

    lmk: Let me know

    lol: Laugh out loud [or] lots of love

    luvu: Love you

    b4: Before

    bbl: Be back later

    bbs: Be back soon

    bf: Boyfriend

    btw: By the way

    cid: Consider it done

    cm: Call me

    cuz: Because

    cya: See ya

    dk: Don't know

    dl: Download

    dur: Do you remember

    eod: End of discussion

    ezy: Easy

    f2f: Face to face

    fwiw: For what it's worth

    fyeo: For your eyes only

    g2g: Got to go

    gf: Girlfriend

    gl: Good luck

    gr8: Great

    afaik: As far as I know

    asap: As soon as possible

    atm: At the moment

    ASL = Question: Your Age / Sex / Location?

    O RLY - Oh, Really?

    OTOH - On the Other Hand


    :) - smile, happy

    :D - grin, very happy

    ^^ - happy

    o.O - weird, confused

    :-o - surprised

    :S - confused

    :-/ - unhappy

    :-( - sad

    :'( - crying

    :-$- blush, shy

    8-) - rolling eyes, also glasses

    :-@ - angry

    o:-) angel

    :-P stick out tongue, cheeky

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    idk - I don't know.

    ik - I know.

    brb - Be right back.

    ily - I love you.

    gtg - Got to go.

    ttyl - Talk to you later.

    tgif - Thank god it's friday.

    lol - Laugh out loud.

    wtf - What the f@#k

    ftw - For the win.

    ftl - For the loss.

    :) - Happy.

    :( - Sad.

    :'( - Very sad.

    :3 - Excited; happy.

    :P - 'Oh you!', lol, :P is kind of a filler.

    :O - Surprized.

    >:) - Angry.

    Q_Q - Oh god.

    Variations of the above are acceptable.

    These are just some I can think about right now.

    I'm not going to list abbreviations like '2nite' and stuff though. They're simple enough.

    Good luck.

    Source(s): Msn/Skype/Texts/Mail/FB/Twitter/Internet.
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    8 years ago

    lol=laugh out loud

    LMFAO=laugh my freakin' **** off

    ROTFL-rolling on the floor laughing

    Smh=shake my head

    ttyl=talk to you later

    brb=be right back

    omg=oh my gosh

    lylas=love you like a sister


    XD=funny face

    O.o=weirded out face

    ^__^=happy face

    ^.^=same as the one before

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