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Anonymous asked in Computers & InternetComputer Networking · 8 years ago

How to restrict access to the internet?

What I am trying to do is set up a schedule for when a person is allowed to access the internet. Currently the setup is cable internet through Motorola SURFboard and then routed through a D-Link DIR-655 and then the restricted computers access the internet through wireless.

Currently the router is set on a schedule to restrict access to the internet from 11pm to 6am based on the restricted computers mac addresses and this has been performing without problem.

However now one of the restricted computers that is a laptop has been going into the computer area and connecting directly to the modem by Ethernet bypassing the routers restrictions.

Is there any way I can lock the modem and router in a box perhaps? Or is there some way I can disable the Ethernet port on the laptop in way that cannot be bypassed? Any ideas would be helpful, right now locking it in a box seems like the only option but I know that's not good for the wireless signal.

The laptop is not owned by me, so I cant permanently damage it, nor can I put time limits on how it is used, I can only limit access to the internet.

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  • Adrian
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    8 years ago
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    You have a physical access security issue, not a programming or logical one.

    Obviously, you need to stop the person from connecting to the modem direct. Without a lock on the door, the only other way is to prevent the cable from being unplugged from the modem's ethernet jack.

    1) Move the modem to a room where the person cannot get to it.

    2) Make the cable connection permanent, like epoxy the plug into the jack on each end. However, that does make it permanent, and any broken wire will require a new modem and/or router.

    3) Yes, you can lock the modem and router into a box, but to get wireless, you may have to put the antenna on the outside of the box (some routers have detachable antennas)

    4) Take the laptop away from the person doing this stuff...

    If I was in your scenario, and did not want to change much, I'd put the modem/router into a box, remove any antenna to limit the range, then put a "wireless client" router outside, to get the signal from the box, and put it out on wire only. I would then add a wireless access point to that, to give wireless signals to everyone. The issue is to secure the devices that have the security restrictions.


    Internet -> box with modem/router -> weak wireless signal -> "Client Bridging" router next to box -> wired ethernet -> WAP (Wireless Access Point.

    That would require a new router with proper "Client", WDS, or "Client Bridging" modes. With WDS mode, you would not require a WAP

    Remember that any wireless repeating of signal may cut the user bandwidth by half, it will be slower...

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