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Home school in New York?

It seems a little hard.

Here is my list of questions

1. Does the current school need to approve lesson plans and such?

2. I get welfare help, won't that stop me from homeschooling?

3. How long does the process take to get approved?

4. Is it hard to get approved in New York State?

5. i graduated a long time ago(i'm 55)

6. I want to start next year when my daughter starts 9th grade

7. This home school idea bugs me a little

8. I'm afraid she won't do her work

Thanks, for answering!

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  • 9 years ago
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    1) No. The current school has nothing to do with it. You submit a notice of intent to the superintendent within 14 days of starting, and the plan within 4 weeks later. You get the forms from the district, not the school.

    2) It doesn't matter.

    3) I don't know NY laws, but contact a home school support group in NY and ask (they will be online).

    4) Same as above. There have been lots of people from NY starting, and no one has mentioned they were refused.

    5) I am 54 and home school a 10th grader! You age has nothing to do with it! What you can't teach, they make teacher's guides for. Or, co-op classes, tutors, online instruction. Or, when we have trouble (only with algebra!) we toss the current material and try something new.

    6) You have plenty of time to plan and get ready then!

    7) Why? What exactly "bugs" you?

    8) Only you know your daughter. My son doesn't always do his, but by and large it works out fine. I wouldn't have been home schooling for 18+ years if nothing got done!

    It isn't "hard" to home school. It can be hard to get used to it. It can be hard to realize you do not have to replicate the classroom in your home, and that you shouldn't. Home schooling allows freedom to learn what you want, when you want, and how you learn best. Just because 9th graders in NY take World History or Earth Sciences, does not mean your daughter has to. Unfortunately NY requires testing of home schooled students (every other year), so you may not want to venture far from the traditional path.

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