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i personally believe their is nothing wrong with the confederate flag i believe it's a part of heritage what's?

your opinion

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    The Confederate Flag is not an indication that anyone supports or supported Slavery line the first two responsed indicated. Both of them are very uneducated persons or just so politically correct that they don't want to be influenced by facts because they have already made up their minds.

    To equate the Confederate flag with the Nazi Flag or claim that flying the Nazi or Communist Flags doesn't support Nasism or Communism is extremely stupid. There was nothing but evil, slavery and mass murder connected with either those flags or belief systems.

    The Confederate flag was a symbol of independent states breaking away from another country. It was a show of not wanting to be controlled by someone 1500 miles away from your home, or by a business man who needed to protect his supply of cotton and his "company stores" type employment of poor whites.

    If the uneducated people who responded first would look at the Confederate Constitution, they would find more restriction in it than in the U.S. constitution at that time. They would also see complete units of BLACK troops in militias (some intigrated) in some southern states an also Black and American Indians owning slaves themselves.

    BUT, its easier to "jump on the band wagon" and say things that you don't know anything about to make yourself look good these days... and the first two that answered fit that description perfectly.

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    What most people think of as the Confederate flag is not the Confederate flag. They typically think of the red flag with the blue St. Michael's Cross with the white stars on the arms of the cross as the Confederate flag. It's not: it began as a naval ensign and was adopted as a battle flag. There were four national flags in the Confederacy, and the first consisted of a plain blue flag with a single white star in the middle. It was called "The Bonny Blue Flag". It was soon replaced by, in order, the First National, then the Second National and finally the Third National. You can look 'em up online to see just what they looked like.

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    The USA flag goes above it.

    I live in Los Angeles. Plenty of people fly the Mexican flag. The American flag is the highest, the California flag below that, and anything else below that. People left Mexico to come to the USA for a good reason.

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    Some like it for fashion, some aspire to Southern pride, some consider it racist, and some just don't care.

    If however you're unwilling to project the same judgment on the Nazi Swastika or the Soviet Sickle-Hammer then you're a total hypocrite.

    Myself I kinda like the style of the Confederate flag but I know, at least where I live, it might be considered a tad provocative at best. There's no need for me to shove my own believes (or rather, opinion of what looks cool) down people's throats. They don't like it, I acknowledge that and act accordingly.

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    It is a matter of opinion and interpretation. Growing up in the South I saw many people wearing it on belt buckles or flying the flag on their cars. Depends of what it means to you, but if you decide to wear it or fly it, some people might give you a bad look.

    I don't think its weird unless some people have their car completely plastered with it.


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    Yes. Fly the thing. Let's people know who does and doesn't support human slavery.

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