any games you can pick your adventure?

i want to know if there are any online games were you can choose like certain answers that will change the game as you go or any games that you have to like typ in words to make the character do the actions. i played one once but i cant seem to find any more.

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  • 8 years ago
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    Not that you exactly can choose your own adventure, but in games Like the Mass Effect series (number 3 coming in March) or Fallout series, the player is often confronted with choices to make which highly influence the outcome of the story.

    Mass Effect -a SF action/adventure/RPG- took this concept one step further and lets you import your character from the previous game, together with all the decisions that have been made and the outcome of the previous game. The latter is important because there's a form of in-game co-op, in that the main character gets together a band of brothers (and sisters) who may not all survive at the end, plus there's a possibility to get romantically involved with one or more characters, which also shapes the story's future in a different way...

  • 8 years ago

    You can do that in Runescape, you could also try spore (but its not so much online).

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