What are the best Nicki Minaj songs?



Tell me which ones are the best in regards to being BEST SUITED to my interests.

My interests are: Flow Wordplay and Bizarreness (for example Monster, Hold Yuh Remix, Check It Out, My Chick Bad, Get It All, Moment 4 Life)

What I don't like: i strongly dislike catchy hooks and rhyming ability. (For example Bed Rock and Roger That Your Love Super Bass, Up All Night, and Lil Freak)

So given my interests (and dislikes) which Nicki Minaj songs are best for me to download and listen to?



@ Kabir, you bumbling waste of life, that is the EXACT opposite of the style I was looking for. Thank yohu for completly wasting my time and doing the exact opposite of what I told you to do you ignorant plebian.

Update 2:

@ Lance, Tupac is garbage. And I have every song Biggie and Nas ever made, Nas comes from my neighborhood in Qnz, so how you gonna tell me to listen to them? I'm not stuck in the 90s that thats ALL i got to listen to, wake up and stop being a sanctimonious posturing pretentious *****.

Update 3:

@ Lance, yes I hate pac and i like some songs by nicki minaj. Tupac was garbage, simple and plain, nothing in comparison to Mobb Deep, Nas, Biggie, etc.

Jay Z is garbage too.

So anyone who disagrees with you is brain damaged?

LLMAO your a morally presumptuous superiority complexed asshole, and nothing more.

Update 4:

Lance, I know more in my finger about Hip Hop then you do in your self-obsessed mind. I'm from the birthplace of Hip Hop. There is a new style of hip hop out there, and given the new style as a standard, Nicki Minaj is a good rapper. Given old-school hiphops standard Nas was a great rapper. I say, like you say, that the old standard was by far better.

However, it takes a sad sad person to completely ignore that there is a new standard out there, and atleast for a second to say "well given the new standard..." etc etc etc.

You need to wake up.

Update 5:

Saying Nas is Better then Nicki Minaj is unfair because you use an old school standard to judge both.

It's like saying "The Beatles" are better then "Michael Jackson". Or "The Rolling Stones" is better then "Metallica". or saying "Elvis Presley" is better then "Fats Waller"

Don't fall into that self-obsessed trap of thinking ONE definition of good music is out there. That's literally the height of hubris.

Instead use one standard for two artists who both fall into the same standard.

For example, when comparing artists compare Nas with Biggie, Mobb Deep, Mos Def, Tragedy Khadafi, KRS 1, Slick Rick, EMPD, Junior Mafia, Notorious BIG, Craig Mack, Wu Tang Clan, etc

When comparing artists compare Tupac with Snoop Dogg, NWA, Ice Cube, Dr. Dre, Eazy E, and other west coast rappers he competed with.

When comparing Lil B compare him to Lil Wayne, Kreashawn, Jasper from WolfGang, etc

When comparing Diecide, compare the

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    Last Chance

    Roman's Revenge

    Go Hard

    Roman In Moscow

    Wave Ya Hand

    Itty Bitty Piggy

    Beam Me Up Scotty

    Catch Me

    Check It Out

    Massive Attack

    Did It On Em

    Getting Paid


    Hello Good Morning (Remix)

    Give Me All Your Luvin


    My Chick Bad

    Raining Men

    Till The World Ends (Remix)

    Bought The Bar

    Bottoms Up

    Where Them Girls At

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  • LMAO! thas an oxy-moron!

    Nicki has no good songs. She is trash.

    Quit polluting your brain with this garbage and go pick up a 2pac, Biggie, or Nas album.

    LMAO You hate Pac but love Nicki Minaj lol wow do you have brain damage??

    U Mad Bro?

    Oh no! Your big words are impressing me soooo much! AHHHHHHHH! lmao gtfo you clown. Go suck Nicki Minaj's Diznick

    The Beatles and MJ... both great. The Rolling Stones and Metallica... again BOTH are GREAT. Elivs is great. There is no "new standard". You can try to church it up all you want. It's either good music or it's trash. Nicki Minaj is TRASH! I could fckin do what Nicki Minaj does. Dress me up in drag, give me a wackasz beat, and let me say "stupid hoe" about 100000000 times. 5th grade lyrics and horrible production is sh1t on anyones standards. Don't fall into that "new standard" trap. It's either quality music or it's not..... next

    Source(s): Most guys I know only watch Nicki for her ass-sets. You actually like her for her music? lmao There is something wrong with you. No doubt.
  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    Nicki explains why she didn’t carry out AND why her extreme college song video didn’t most appropriate on the teach: "i became meant to most appropriate my 'extreme college' video on Idol yet they suggested it became too risque. I had already dedicated to the Billboard Awards to finish my unmarried ['extreme college'], and so I wasn't allowed to finish it on Idol and carry out it on Billboard [both]."

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Still I rise is a really good song by Nicki Minaj, you should check that out for sure

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    I like the one where she rhymes about licking the cheese out between my penis and my foreskin...Nicki a real freak, and we on a first name basis (that is why I call her "Nicki"...)


  • 9 years ago

    NIcki Minaj sucks. You're wasting your time.

  • 9 years ago

    There are no good songs.

    Source(s): bLack and i like thrash metal
  • 9 years ago

    all corporate trash

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    They're all terrible.

  • 9 years ago

    your love

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