China and Russia not helping Syria?

What is the exact reason why they vetoed to help Syria?

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    9 years ago
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    Russia and China aren't interventionists like the US - both having had the displeasure of America intervening into their affairs, they now advocate political neutrality and self-help - that the countries with problems should sort it out themselves, outsider "help" sometimes may make it worse than doing any good.

    Another reason is to counter American dominance in world politics - Bush had his way with the UN on the Iraqi War, and now it turned into a money-wasting pit and turned the Iraqi people against the invading Americans, as well as the American-elected Iraqi government. The lack of any evidence of real WMDs and the excessive use of force, as well as the lasting problems the Iraqi Invasion has created, caused many countries to doubt the interventionist approach.

    To be honest, only America is advocating military action - European Union members encourage economic sanctions, same as the Arab League, China and Russia are just strengthening the stance by openly vetoing interventionist proposals, because beside the UK and France, they have the only real power to veto America in the Security Council - they are superpowers themselves, so they have the power to go against the US, whereas other temporary members... in reality? Don't dare to openly argue against America.

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    NATO may be the least of your concerns. If there's a paper tiger everywhere, this is NATO. You observed the quantity of NATO's involvement in LIbya, and that would not have occurred if the US hadn't agreed to start the ball rolling with its missile assaults. The chinese language have reason to be inquisitive approximately a US protection tension base in Australia. Why this did no longer take place quicker is everybody's wager, even though it makes a brilliant variety of expertise strategically, if the US is able to launch assaults in Asia from the two fringe of the Pacific. Russia's bluster approximately missile protection is extra political than this is ideological. December 4 is election day in Russia. Vladimir Putin is making an attempt to regain the presidency jointly as Medvedev will circulate over to top Minister. They needed the missile incident to rouse the electorate, and instruct them they don't seem to be going to permit the US push them around. If, as you're saying, the US is a giggling inventory international, it nonetheless has the biggests and ultimate protection tension supplies interior the international. China would be clever to no longer forget this.

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    Because they believe that the US is promoting civil unrest in Syria with the aim of getting itself invited to take part. So it can take over.

  • They are communist dictators, just like the leaders of Syria.

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