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How long will I suffer from blurry vision?

Just had gallbladder removed and was sent home with a few meds. One of these medications is hyoscyamine and the blurred vision is a side effect. Have not taken this med today so I am just wondering if anyone knows how long this blurred vision will last.

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Both answers that i was given are good and just cant choose "best answer"

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    this drug is anti cholinergic medication which cause your pupil to be diluted and that is the cause of your blurred vision. the duration of action can persist for 12 hours and after that you will start to improve gradually.

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    The side affect of most med can last 24 to 48 hours after you stop taking them.

    You have to let the drug run its course so you should start to see your vision improving around that sort of time scale. Hope this is helpful

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