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okay this is a long story so sorry for that

well i have this drama class with this guy (lets call him D) okay i have drama with D and he is pretty sweet i guess. like he will coment on my monologues and tell me i did great when nobody eles does. he smiles at me alot and is nice :) also i have history class with D and he sits in font of me. so yesterday i was sitting at my desk with my head lying down and he put his chin on the front of my desk so his eyes were looking stait at mine :) he asked me if i was sleepy and i said yea a little and he laughed (so did i) so after a while during class we were getting our grade on our tests and he got a 86. he told me i probably did better than him because he said if he got a 86 that means i did alot better and smiled at me really sweetly. but then i got my test and go a 56 :( i felt really stupid and he said i will do better next time and still was turned around facing me compleatly. then today (friday) we got to talking again and he said that he like classic rock music. i got all happy because i do to ALOT' and he was suprissed. he said it is not easy to find a girl that likes that stuff. we were talking more and i found out he listens to EVERYTHING i do like elton john, billy joel, tom petty, AC DC, queen, ect. and he was like wow we have alot in common. so then again we carried on and my friend next to me started to write me a note and it said that he was clearly hitting on me with out a dout but i didnt believe her then he said something about the Bo and Jim talk show that plays in the morning and i Got REALLY happy because i LOVE that talk show SOOOOO much and he was happy to because we had another thing in common. :) then toward the end of class he said that he was going to go to a consert and bought 5 tickets but had nobody to go with and then he said "if" he had a girlfriend he would laugh if she hated the music than asked me if i liked the band i said yes and he smiled again and randomly brought up something about how he would jam in the car to there music and said that me and him would get weird looks while driving down the street because we would look funny while dancing and he saidd WE would look weird... WE! also everyday he vsits next to me to share head phones and laughs with me when he sits to close :))))) but he is so sweet and i wanted to know what you thought? does he like me or what because he always talks to me about how me annd him would have fun together because we have alot in common and even my friends say he is always hitting on me and that we look cute together (he started to do all this when i confermed to him that i was broken up with my ex-bf for a few days)

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    I think he probably likes you.

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