Girls! Should I apologize? 10 PTS FIRST ANSWER?

Ok first of I'm NOT GOING TO GIVE 10 PTS TO THE FIRST ANSWER UNLESS IT IS ACTUALLY AN ANSWER. None of this "thanks for the 10 PTS" or "first" crap.

Ok here's my situation. There's a really shy girl at my school who I liked. My friend Steve knew I liked her(I have NO idea how he found out), and he messaged her on Facebook and told her I liked her, and then he asked her if she liked me. She said no, she didn't like me. 

Before Steve ruined everything, me and this girl were slowly becoming friends. Now she's really awkward around me though and doesn't say anything. Even if she doesn't "love" me back, I at least want to continue being friends. I feel so horrible and awkward, and i feel bad for her because I know she feels awkward too.

Would it be bad to go up and apologize? Here's what I'm considering saying. Tell me if you think it's ok.

"Hey, I just wanted to apologize for Steve did. I never meant for you to know, and I feel really bad you found out because I know it probably made you feel awkward too. I do like you, and i think you're a really cool girl, but I'd be totally happy if we could just keep being friends. Could we?"

Is this ok?? I love her from the bottom of my my heart, and even if she doesn't love me back, I still want to be friends. She's a wonderful girl

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    8 years ago
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    Yes! Say that!! Dont be shy because most girls like talking

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  • AWW what a sad story :(

    Just remember say your apology with confidence like you mean it 100 percent and do in face to face not on a facebook message. Best of luck friend!!

  • 3 years ago

    Aww, i think extremely undesirable about what your pal did! however, i imagine you should ask for forgiveness for what your pal did and what you intend on declaring is desirable. i don't believe of that's undesirable to ask for forgiveness and only seem cool about it. do not say it awkwardly and that's in user-friendly words awkward if you're making it awkward. only flow as a lot as her and say that. If she would not favor to save being your pal, that is on her. yet i imagine she might want to because you seem to be a constructive guy. you appear as if you extremely like her and that i imagine in case you tell her that she'll experience free. also, who knows what might want to ensue between you interior the destiny! (: reliable success!

  • 8 years ago

    I think that sounds good and sweet. It's exactly what I would want to hear (since i am a girl lol) and maybe things will be less awkward and she'll fall for you.. :)

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    8 years ago


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