Senior Citizens!, Did we really wear all those crazy clothes, and have all those mad hair styles?,?

That we have in our snaps of those days?, what sort of gear, did you have?....

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  • 8 years ago
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    Oh, my gosh, Thomas. We looked cool and we were cool. They try and copy us all the time, but they'll never even come close to looking as good as we did then. ;)

  • 8 years ago

    The only weirdness I have on film is from my Jr High Schools Days in the 1960's, where I was wearing white pearl lipstick, had my hair all ratted up, and wore a mens style shirt (Carnaby Street inspired)! That shirt was a thin voile material with a small flower print and the collar, sleeves and buttons were all as white as my lipstick was in the photo! After that, I sort of gave up on fashion and went to the natural look of a left wing hippie revolutionary. I still adore the Mao Suit!

  • P.L.
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    8 years ago

    When I look back at old photographs of myself when I was a child and a teenager and a young mum I don't think that any of my clothes look crazy. Either I wasn't very 'with it' back then or my tastes haven't changed much which means I'm not 'with it' now, I suppose.

    The one item of clothing and hairstyle which sticks in my mind which I did wear (and is not around now - much) is the very full skirt with masses of net petticoats underneath. They were disastrous to wear on a windy day as the skirt ended up over our heads and the hairstyle is the high beehive favoured recently by Amy Winehouse. That was extremely popular when I was a teenager. It made the girl look much taller than her boyfriend unless she was a little shrimp like my friend at the time.

  • 8 years ago

    I had a swede fringed vest, bell-bottomed knit slacks or jeans low on the hips. I wore bright,geometric and solid-colored shift dresses. I tried to copy the school girl look that Patti Boyd has in the Beatles movie A Hard Day's Night. I loved that look with black opaque stockings. Still love turtlenecks. Wore tie-dyed T-shirts. No white go go boots for me.

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    8 years ago

    Senior year, purple crushed velvet pants, almost every girl had a pair of them. Hotter than blue blazes and could only be worn in the winter, they were out of style by the next year. Had a fringed leather jacket, wore frosted pink lipstick, blue-tinted sunglasses, long straight hair parted down the middle, seed bead choker necklace, black cotton crocheted & fringed granny bag (made it myself), macrame and beaded belt made in craft class, a couple of maxi-dresses (sewed by me), some long crocheted vests, tie-dyed t-shirt, fringed leather moccasins...started making floor-length caftans right after I graduated and started wearing them around the house.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Still have my bell bottoms. Just took my Nehru jacket to the second hand store this week. Yes we did we did wear that stuff. After all the grey dismal and minimal styles of the depression, I though they were great!!

  • I had my own style, I did not have mad hair dos..I had simple long hair parted in the middle and wore mini-skirts or dresses and bell bottom jeans and t-shirts, or nice tops, other then that I was just I am now..=)

  • 8 years ago

    greasy hair with a DA and quiff,tight jeans. buckled crepe shoes,later winkle pickers and a leather jacket.

    After a lot nagging from folk I eventually grew my hair long and got some flared pants. Just in time for disco look to go out of fashion,so back to the bylcreem.

  • 8 years ago

    Yes and I still like to dress in my own individual style.

    I will dig through thrift stores and go into higher end stores looking for both a deal and for a steal.

    I used to get my A** whopped in high school for dressing in clothing I either made myself or found in boot sales or yard sales.

    I love fashion but these days am going for more of a tailored look, turtle necks, cute leather jackets and scarfs paired with either a skirt, tailored pants or tight blue jeans with boots.

    Always wear a hat as Hungary is a bit too cold for me at least 7 months a year.

    I wear straw hats with a wide brim,French beret's in the fall and either a mongolian inspired leather and fox trimmed hat or my old Russian rabbit skin hat that I found in a boot sale in the city park of Budapest.

    I get allot of strange looks when wearing that hat as mostly men wear that style, it works for me, warm and stylish with a nice warm coat on.

    My husband,was a Mod in the 60's. The teens in eastern Europe loved the Mod looks from England.

    It was both an political statement and well as a fashion one.

    He scored a Levi jacket and blue jeans in the 60's which caused the communist police to follow him at times.( clothing from the US really got them cops in a tizy)

    Once he and his other Mod friends were cornered by the coppers and they held them down while their long hair was cut off.

    They went to the park and dyed whatever was left of their locks with bleach to still rebel at the system.

    My husband lived in a small one room flat with 4 of his family as housing was short back then in the city , everyone worked or went to school so he had extra money for clothing.

    He would often spend 2 to 3 months pay on a custom Mod style suit and Italians would cross the boarders into Hungary and sell fashionable shoes, ties, etc, in the black market straight out of their cars.

    Funny stuff but living so repressed made the kids over do it. They used fashion to snub the communists as well as listening to Radio Free Europe, he and his friends really got something out of the Mod style which of course strarted in the UK.

    Everything from England was a bit hit with them.

  • Laredo
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    8 years ago

    Oh yes we did wear them, there is no getting away from it. Back in the day, we even thought we looked fantastic, when you look at the photos they seem dated, but gosh didn't we look good!

    In one photo I am wearing a pink and grey dress, even saying it sounds crazy but I thought I was the bees knees when I wore it. Those were the days!

  • Blank
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    8 years ago

    Yep, we did. The clothes were loud but pretty comfortable. The hairstyles were awful.

    Good Heavens, my three best girlfriends and I kept one hair spray manufacturer in business all by ourselves. All that teasing----I'm a bit surprised we still have hair.

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