United states postal service. Undeliverable as addressed?

I sent a package via USPS priority mail to somebody. They paid via paypal, and I printed out the shipping label and everything through PayPal. So, the address is correct. It is where she still lives. Also, I PRINTED the address when PayPal gives you the option to create the label- I didn't write the address by hand,so, there is no way it was mistaken or entered correctly. Her address is verified and she still lives there. Even on usps.com the address is okay. So,this morning the tracking says that it was undeliverable as addressed, and being returned if appropriate info is available. What does that mean? And why would this happen anyway? I contacted the buyer to let her know but we don't know what is going on? Has anyone had this happen please let me know, thank you.

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  • 9 years ago
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    did you happen to call USPS and ask them what the problem is??

    That would be my first order of business...keep on the phone till you get a live human and ask whats going on.

  • 4 years ago

    no longer many times all the thousands of programs I even have sent out one became lost yet got here across approximately 2 weeks later..that became to Louisiana. I have been given one interior the post place of work precise now that became shipped on the twenty third of October and nonetheless has no longer made it to top state new york.. i'm getting notably paranoid approximately this one. i desire it arrives via next week.. parcel post would not take that long in many situations!

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