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what is the difference between these foods?

okay so im just randomly curious.

whats are the differences between soups, broths, stews, gumbos, and chowders?

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    8 years ago
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    Soup is more watery then stew. It usually has beans or meat, veggies and seasonings. Broth is just the liquid from the soup. Stew is more thick then soup, not as watery and more chunky. IDK what Gumbo is. Chowder is creamy and usually just a few ingredients like corn, milk and water or seafood, milk and water.

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  • 8 years ago

    Soup is pretty much a generic term that could apply to a lot of different things. It could be a vegetable or meat stock (roasted veg or meat with the bone attached, boiled in water, then strained off) with various ingredients in it (veggies, meat, pasta, rice, barley, etc). Or, it could be more like a compote (like tomato or compote) or a cream based soup (like bisque or cream of mushroom).

    Broth is the clear juice that remains from boiling veggies or meat without the bones. It's different from stock, in that meat stock must include the bones and vegetable stock must have the vegetables roasted first. Stock is also not clear - it has a lot of the particulates in it. Broth is almost completely clear, although it may be a different color (like brown for beef broth).

    Stew is meat that has been cubed, floured, and pan seared, then put into a pot of water to braise with chunks of vegetables (like potatoes, onions, and carrots). The resulting texture is very hearty and chunky, since the pieces of veg and meat are usually about 2 inches across. And, the resulting sauce is like a gravy from the flour.

    Gumbo is a soup that has been thickened with okra.

    Chowder is a cream-based soup that has been thickened with potatoes.

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