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What are the absolute best Linux based operating systems optimized for netbooks?

(I put this in "programing" because I figured This was the best place to find Linux users. All the other categories seemed to be full of PC/Mac guys.)

That may or may not have made sense, but I'm looking to replace Jolicloud on my little netbook? I go to an online school and It involves a lot (a-LOT) of streaming videos. So having a full version desktop OS doesnt quite work... I like Jolicloud, but It doesn't feel right... Clunky, and the false "user friendly" interface... Some things are way too complex then they should be. As in accessing a file on my Windows OS from Joili is nearly impossible. Where as Windows accessing joli is literally nothing at all.

I'm looking to replace it. I have a high end desktop which I use 99% of the time so It wont have hardly any hardcore use every day. (that's probably irrelevant) But I need it to WORK! Joli keeps bugging up at the worst times. Like Business trips, and vacations... (Impossible to tell if its a bad OS or I broke it somehow) I heard both good and bad reviews for Jolicloud so I don't know what to make of it... Is it really at the top end of netbook OS's?! (highly unlikely) or is it a piece of crap?

As you can probably tell I have no idea whats going on... I know what Linux is. But not really how to use it, I'm still learning. I'm almost completely in the dark about this... I'm a windows user (gamer... so I have to be...) and i know how to use that pretty well. But Linux is completely alien to me. Can someone help me outwith where I should go next? I'm going to Nashvile on a Business trip in two weeks and I need this working. And I hate joli.

I would prefer to not have cloud computing...? I don't like stuff being only accessible on the internet.. (yes I am are that the one I have now is Joli*cloud* that's where the hatred comes from.) But If the best one out there (for me) is cloud, ehh, no big deal.

Yes I am a Linux idiot. Yes I asked a stupid question. there is no such thing as "Best".

JoliCloud is Unbuntu based.

And an important note. I can't access Window. only jolicloud is accessible... I kinda broke windows... When I select it in BIOS it goes into an internal crash dump sequence that even me and my Tech buddies cant fix without wiping the drive and starting over... and I want to avoid that. Hence this question. And I did have Joli before it broke. Lucky break really...


Oh I forgot to mention. not relevant really, But I would have searched the Internet for suggestions, I just have no idea what to search for! as in, I have no idea how to word it. Why I'm here!

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    Jolicloud as the name suggests is cloud based OS. It is meant to use mainly cloud applications (rather like chromebook) so that all your stuff lives in the web. As you say it is a rather significant culture shift and not for everybody.

    The best Linux distro for netbooks? Almost all work well.

    Ubuntu works reasonably well (the Unity dash has its origins in netbooks)...not everybody is keen on the Unity environment, but try Xubuntu...lightweight, fast and similar to Windows in many respects.

    Windows users will also like Linux Mint 12

    There are netbook specific versions of PuppyLinux... one of the the lightest most compact complete distros around

    Linux is not easy for every one to adjust to, but only in the sense that windows is difficult for some one totally used to Linux (ok not so many of those ;-) ). Most people try Linux and give up on it because it is too different from what is familiar to them. You will only find it rewarding if you put in the effort.

    Steps I would take 1) create a LiveUSB version of SystemRescueCD or PuppyLinux or Mint

    2) recover your Windows. Jolicloiud is inot the best for this. The Live environment will allow you fix Windows, or at least recover your important files. Check the web for "fix windows with Linux"

    3) Install your distro that you like..try out the Live versions of the distro...see which one you get along the best with and use it. Most Linux beginners "distro-hop" for a couple of years before settling down on one they are happiest with.

    Good luck

  • ai
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    it would have truly helped in case you'll given us the make and sort of your NetBook! the first step is to ascertain in the journey that your NetBook's CPU is even sixty 4-bit able, maximum at the instantaneous are not: Then, if provided by using the producer, use the Linux version they recommend. Failing that, examine the 2d link to be certain in the journey that your NetBook is listed: If no longer, your in reality selection is the "Trial and mistake" approach. Ubuntu Linux, Linux Mint and FreeSpire Linux are all properly worth a short seem, and all 3 are 32-bit AND sixty 4-bit. And the "Acid try" is do they help all of your NetBook's hardware valuable houses, like WiFi and cyber web cam, as an get mutually.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    look at, you have several Linux distro to choose from

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    try linux ubuntu its good at speed and useability and apperance

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