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Does 'jour' mean 'day' in French?

day = jour

days = journées

Is that right?

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    they both mean day but with slightly different meanings

    Journée (feminine) une journée, des journées :

    - time between sunrise and sundown (la journée est chaude - warm day today)

    - a day consecrated to an event - (la journée du souvenir, Remembrance day)

    jour (masculin) un jour, des jours :

    -24 hours day (un jour de plus - one more day)

    - date (quel jour sommes nous - what day are we)

    - daylight part of the 24 hours (nuit et jour - night and day)

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    Jour is "day", Journées" are what you get done on specific days. The French for "days" is "jours".

    Your problem is that French has two words for each of the concepts "day," "morning," "evening","year." The more usual ones are "le jour", "le matin", "le soir","l'an".

    The alternatives end in "-ée" which in such cases has the same meaning as the English ending "-full" as in "poignée" (fistful), "brasée" (armful), So "la jounée" is a "dayful", everything you do in a day, and is the origin of the English "journey", originally the amount of travel you could fit into a single day. We also use the French "matinée" (all the things you can pack into a morning) to mean, originally the performance of a play in the morning, but now anything except the main, evening, performance. We also use "soirée" to mean an evening's entertainment. And so, "an" is year, but "année" whatever you get done in a year, often an annal (recording of what was done in a particular year)..

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    day can be jour or journée

    days can be jours or journées

    jour would be used to say a day, as in 24 hours

    journée is generally used to express the time of the day where there's sunlight

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    Yes, but ...

    Day = jour, journée

    Days = jours, journées

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    days= jours

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    jour (m)

    n. day, daytime

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