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NO federal tax withheld on most of my W2s?

I worked several jobs last year, and only one or two withheld anything. My husband's job only took out less than $200, and on Turbo tax it says we owe over a grand in federal and will only get $500 back! What the heck is going on? Also, his last check from his job in WV before we moved to WI didn't withhold anything for federal either on his last small check (like for a few days work).


Bash Limbutt's, how is there no problem when we get $500 back and owe $1500? My dad told me to put zero on my w4s and have my husband put 1 on his, so that is what we did.

Update 2:

Federal Owe: $1500 State Return: $500

It's not that complicated. Whatever we get back will have to go to pay for the federal tax.

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    You are getting $500 back. There is no problem. You overpaid your taxes by $500 so you're getting that back. That's the way that the system works. I don't understand why you are upset about that.

    Edit: You make no sense at all. You say that you're getting back $500 and then you say you owe $1,500. Which is it? It can't be both! Post all of the numbers from boxes 1 and 2 of all W-2s and we can have a look.

  • tro
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    9 years ago

    it is entirely possible that each paycheck's gross was small enough and with your status on your W-4 that no income tax was required to be withheld

    married filing jointly your non taxable income is $19000

  • 9 years ago

    What did you write down on your W-4s?

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