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What did Molly brown do on the Titanic?

I only know that she forced the crew members on the lifeboats to go back and get more people but I need more information of what she did? I don't need a biography of her I just need to know what she did on the Titanic and why is she called the "unsinkable" Molly Brown?

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    Neither on the passenger list nor on the crew list any "Molly Brown" is listed.

    In the first class two females with last name "Brown" are found:

    Brown, Caroline Lane, 59 years, ticket Nr. 11769, paid fare 51 Pound Sterling, 9 Shilling 7 Pence,

    Brown, Margerethe, 44 years, ticket 17610, fare 27 Pound, 14 Shilling, 5 Pence

    Second Class:

    Brown, Amelia Mildred Mary (Servant), 18 ys, # 248733, Fare: 13 Pound

    Brown Elisabeth Catheríne, 40 ys, # 29750, Fare 39 Pound

    Brown Edith Eileen, 15 years, # 29750, Fare 39 Pound

    No Females named "Brown" among the 3rd class passengers or the crew.

    Molly Brown most likely was the first class passenger Margarethe Brown, having boarded in Cherbourgh.Her original name was Margarethe Tobin Brown.

    She is also listed in the lifeboat Nr. 6 which she reportedly has made searching for more survivors. Also listed in lifeboat Nr. 6: Quartermaster Robert Hitchens against whom she had to fight for making the lifeboat another rescue effort.

    She was on a Europe trip with the Astors when she learned that her grand son Lawrence Jr. had become sick. She booked a trip on the next available steamer to the USA, which was the TITANIC. Her daughter Helen, having also booked the trip, aborted in thelast second and stayed in Europe.

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    That was the reason. She was a well known "self made" Socialite, and was travelling back to America from France. When Lifeboat No. 6 was launched with spaces on board, she forced the White Star crewman in charge to turn the boat around and search for survivors in the water. It is not known if any were found. She was called "Maggie" during her life, and the name "Molly" only appeared after her death. It is a very short event to build such a reputation on as there was a musical film made of her life in the 1960's.

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    She was considered to be Nouveau Riche...

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