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Can I file criminal charges for tickling?

I am a female freshman in college. I study hard and rarely party but my roommate comes home drunk a few times a week. She gets stupid when she's drunk and now whenever she gets back drunk she holds me down and tickles me, sometimes for over 20 minutes. She is probably 50 pounds heavier than I am so there is nothing I can do to stop her. It's the absolute worst. I've gone to my Res Life department to ask to be moved to a different room and the director told me there is overcrowding and that she can only issue moves if it's an emergency. I told her exactly what is happening and she blew it off, almost laughing about it, and said my roommate and I need to work out our differences on our own. My question is if I can press criminal charges against my roommate for this. I know that if she was physically or sexually abusing me I could and since she is stimulating me so excessively against my will this is just as bad, in my opinion. I don't want to go to the police unless I know I have a case because if my roommate finds out I did it could make it worse for me. Does anyone know if I have a criminal case here? Please, only serious responses, no sarcastic responses from immature boys, this is extremely upsetting for me.

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    At most Assault 3 or bullying you by holding you down she is removing your free will to move about and that can hinge on many other charges, but; since she is drunk, good luck. Find out what she likes to drink and then when she comes in have a drink ready for her after 2-3 drink she will pass out.

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    I assume that this girls behaviour is assault as she is touching you against your will, however i doubt very much the police will take it terribly seriously. Instead put your energy into a more immediate and practical resolution. Firstly talk to your roommate when she is sober and not hungover tell her how unhappy it is making you. If this doesn't work, you cannot be the only girl on campus who doesn't get along with their roommate, find out if there's a noticeboard where people advertise looking for voluntary swaps. Find out if there is a legal aid clinic on campus explain the situation ask for their help in forcing the college authorities to move you away from this harassment. Don't be fobbed of you are paying a significant amount of money for your accommodation the college has a responsibility to ensure you can live in it without being subjected to this kind of drunken behaviour,point out that if she was behaving like this in public she would run the risk of arrest for drunken and disorderly behaviour and should be taken no less seriously because it's happening in the privacy of your 'home' only distressing you rather than in the open and bothering scores of people. Good Luck.

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    I find the whole situation strange and it sounds like an assault. You didn’t consent and asked your roommate to stop but she basically ignored you and kept doing it. To me I don’t see much of a difference between this and her touching you in a sexually inappropriate way. In fact a lot of couples tickle each other as a form of foreplay if they are into that sort of thing.

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    Yes, this is assault . Any form of touching is assault . When you go to the Police to file a report then don't mention tickling and just say that she is assaulting you and describe what she is doing but instead of tickling say that she is hurting you instead. So what ended up happening in the end with this situation . Since this happened two years ago I should have said that was what you should have done instead of "when you go".

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    The sad thing is, the police would probably just "laugh" at the case too.

    I will ask you one thing, how old is your roommate and what is the legal drinking age in your state. Maybe you could get her for drinking as a minor. Just a thought.

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    I don't think he should 'roughly' tickle her and I probably wouldn't do it for a prolonged time because it becomes irritating, but no, I don't think it's sexual. I have seen mothers doing it. Is that sexual? Some women are child abusers - see the baby P case in the UK. Thankfully, the haw is in jail.

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    yeah, but you may want to go about it more tactfully. It could even fall under assault it does sound very malicious. Even if charges are pressed she wouldn't be immediately hulled away in a squad car, you would still have to deal with her, I'd try to get moved.

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    Seems to me it is an assault.Seems to me,you haven't consented to be touched by her and have let her know not to.

    She continues to touch you inappropriately.In my mind "tickling" .Its invasive,inappropriate and unconsentual.I think the conotaion of the word "tickiling" moves away from the serious nature of this abuse.,advise viewing it as an assault

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