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how to do a 1:05 in 100 back?

right now i do a 1:11 but i need to drop 6 seconds in 5 months. How can i do this?

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    The #1 thing you can do to go faster is improve your stroke mechanics. Good stroke mechanics depend largely on head position.

    Your chin should be slightly tucked in & relaxed. Your ears should be back in the water so that occasionally water washes over your face. You must be certain you have MAJOR hip roll.

    Other than those suggestions, no one on a message board can help you with your stroke as no one can see what you do right or wrong. THAT's why you need your coach.

    There is one more thing that I can help you with & that's your race strategy.

    Below is a long VERY SPECIFIC explanation of how to swim a 100 yd race. If you apply what I wrote, your time will drop. Swimmers & coaches don't plan a clear race strategy. My explanation is long as it addresses how to determine your swimming speed & how you'll feel @ each part of the race.

    Keep in mind you don't run out of energy in races< 2 hours. However, waste products (lactic acid or LA) in short races accumulate quickly & interfere with muscles relaxing & you tighten up. The key to speed is NOT building LA from going too fast at the beginning of your race. When LA builds, muscles lose power as the LA inhibits the muscle's ability to relax as evidenced by the end of your race when you feel TIGHT. You can especially see fatigue during the last 10 yds of 100s as people lose power & fade. To maintain power you can't have LA interfering w/ muscles relaxing. So how fast should you go on the first 25 to avoid LA accumulation so you can maintain long stroke & power right to the end?

    Here's how to plan a race:

    1. You must have a thorough warm-up of 1200-2000 yds or more completed w/in 5 minutes of your race.

    2. On the first 25 of your race you MUST start breathing every stroke cycle (1 left, 1 right arm) as soon as you breakout from your start. DO NOT hold your breath on the first 25. The air you breath in 'now' doesn't reach your muscles for 30 seconds. If you don't breath @ the beginning of your race, around your 50 there's no fresh oxygen reaching your muscles & LA causes you to begin to fatigue.

    3. Determine how fast you should be going on the first 25 of your race & practice that speed, off the blocks. The formula for determining that speed is to take your goal time &, if needed change it into seconds. Due to your start add 1.2 seconds to your goal. Divide by 4. That time is what each of your last THREE 25's should be. Then, subtract 1.2 seconds (the start) from the time you should be doing for the last three 25s. That’s your time for your first 25.

    Here's what it looks like. Remember, adjust numbers for your goals. Let's say you want to go 1:08.8. Change to all seconds which= 68.8 Add 1.2 + 68.8= 70. Divide 70 by 4 which= 17.5.

    You should be doing 17.5 for the 2nd, 3rd, & 4th 25s of your race. For the first 25, subtract 1.2 from 17.5 which= 16.3 which is what your first 25 should be.

    You must learn what 16.3 "feels" like & also learn how difficult it is to go slow. As part of your warmup you should do 25s off the blocks & see if you can hit 16.3 seconds. ADJUST TIMES FOR YOUR SHORT TERM GOALS.

    In a race you'll be hyped & there's no LA in your muscles so you feel very fresh & not fatigued. So 16.3 will feel like you're going slow, but that is OK. HOLD BACK on the first 25 &, as described earlier, BREATHE right after you breakout. Breathe every stroke cycle for free, every other stroke for fly. Backstrokers must consciously breathe.

    As you come into your first 25 turn, BEFORE the turn, start to speed up your kick & your stroke rate A LITTLE! If those against whom you're swimming are of similar speed, you'll likely be a bit behind. But being slightly behind at this point of the race is OK as in a short while you'll be feeling much fresher than they are which will pay off at the end of your race.

    In order to now hit 17.5, your second 25 should feel as if you've sped up slightly over the first. In order to hit 17.5 on your third 25, keep your stroke long & be working at catching everyone without sprinting. Your goal before the 75 is to be tied or very close to catching those who were leading. Thus, at about 70 yards into your race you've got to be building into an all out sprint before your 75 turn. Maintain long & strong stroke.

    The key is that during your race you must work at speeding up B-4 the end of each 25 &, at a minimum, hold that speed for the next 25. Use your kick & really sprint it home on the last 30.

    Source(s): I tell my swimmers you should never be going faster in your race than you can maintain for the remainder of the race. Therefore, the first part of your race is the slowest because you cannot hold a fast time for the entire race. Then as you get closer and closer to the end of the race you swim faster & faster as you can hold the faster time over a shorter remaining distance. LA, however, is starting to build & will counter your efforts which will make your splits the same. To do a 1:05 (65), you should be out at 15.35 and hold 16.55 for the last three 25s. Let me know if you use this strategy& how it works for you. Contact me at academicjoq@yahoo.
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    im 14 and i go a 1:00.63. UNDERWATERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Two years ago at a swim meet, i had a 1:09 and i dropped to a 1:03 in just one race becasue the week before the meet, all we worked on were underwaters. It really works! we recently had these two really good swimmers come visit our team and they said that underwaters are like the 5th stroke now because everyone is doing them! If you have trouble holding your breath...wear a noseplug. IK...they are kinda dorky but no body will be laughing at you when you suddenly drop a bunch of time :)

    Source(s): swam for 10 years:)
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