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need health insurance? any good options?

I am 21 single.

In California.

will need it for dermatologist and dentist mostly..

around how much would that be just a guesstimate?

best provider?

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    You do not need health insurance "for dermatologist and dentist".

    If you need insurance for a dermatologist and you need insurance for a dentist, then you need two separate things. You need health insurance for the dermatologist, and you need dental insurance for the dentist. You do not need, and probably cannot get, one thing for both of them. You need one type of insurance for one of them, and another type for the other one of them.

    Normally, insurance for a person in California who is 21 and does not already need a dermatologist or anything else would cost approximately $50-100 per month for health insurance plus approximately $10-40 per month for dental insurance, which is separate. However, because you already need a dermatologist, and you did not get insurance before you began to need a dermatologist, it will cost a lot more, perhaps $200-$2000 per month, and it will not cover the dermatologist for the first 6-18 months.

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    you will be spending thousands of dollars each year if you want insurance to cover every day medical and dental expenses. Dermatology and most dental visits are every day expenses.

    You need insurance for the emergency that you aren't even considering.

    There are many good plans in California from Anthem, Blue Shield, Kaiser, Healthnet, and many more. Contact an insurance broker to help you determine what is best for you.

    The broker will also help you understand how to make insurance more affordable.

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    Health insurance doesn't cover dental stuff, and it doesn't cover cosmetic stuff. If you need a dermatologist because you have a rash, it also doesn't cover preexisting conditions.

    There's no "best" out there, but it's hard to beat Kaiser, in CA.

    How much it costs, will depend on your coverages and deductibles - but it's reasonable to budget between $100 and $400 a month, depending on your weight and health.

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    Kaiser Permanente in California. Some plans offer affiliated dental services. Dont know the cost. Depends on your co-pays and deductibles.

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    Move to a country that has a health service. Pretty much any developed country other than the US has one.

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