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swimmergirl247 asked in PetsDogs · 9 years ago

what do you think about people that claim there dog is a service dog just so they can...?

get away with a lot of stuff (having a dog in a no pets allowed dwelling) at my college we had this person claim that a Yorkie was a guide dog. the university had no ground to deny this dog full access meanwhile this dog was clearly never socialized, it would bark and growl at people and it was territorial of things like there favorite computer in the library. and lets not forget about the fact that she never guide her owner because it was like 7 pounds, we had to complain about her and the only way it stopped was sadly because the dog got ran over.

now let me be clear I not only own but I trained my service dog if done right they are just as good as a school but claiming that a dog that wasn't socialized and clearly not suitable for the job at hand why would somebody do this?

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  • 9 years ago
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    ADA law will allow that dog to be excluded based on behavior alone... all it would take is someone complaining

    And, you mentioned the dog has never been used to guide her.... but, not all SDs are Guide Dogs... this dog could be a Seizure Alert Dog (as one example) and never be used for guiding at all. I know a great Cardiac Alert Dog who is a teacup yorkie weighing in at less then 3 pounds.. her name is Daisy... when it comes to taking care of her owner, Daisy is small & mighty well qualified, well trained SD

    The college had a right to ask for 1 thing -- a prescription or letter from the student's doctor verifying medical need of either a Service Dog or an Emotional Support Dog --- the reason the college could ask for this is because Housing is allowed this when other situations are not (retail store for example)

    An ESA does NOT have public access rights like a SD does..... there are some SD-candidates that washed-out due to food aggression that still provide medical alerting at home (as one example) for things like panic attacks.... and those dogs should be given the legal rights of an ESA because of the service they provide their owner, even if not suitable for public -- even law does not dictate, responsibility to the public should

    not all SDs are certified..... It depends on the state laws

    in AL (for example) there is no certification process..... most REAL SD-Teams recognize the importance of proper training & our behavior in public.... most of us Responsibly Rule-Out dogs that would not pass certification tests, if there were any.... but that doesn't mean ALL of us do

    The newest revision in ADA laws addressed this, to a certain extent, and gave a legal definition to SD behavior & hygene...... a step towards defining the minimum requirements of SD-Team

    Retailers are given legal remedies if the PWD refuses to remove SD when the SD is not in keeping with ADA law (the newest definitions)

    One example: (back when monkey's were recognized) Debbie Rose & her horribly behaved supposedly Service Monkey..... because Ms Rose was asked numerous times to remove her ill behaved monkey from various different establishments, but refused... digging her heals in behind ADA protection, going on TV saying how she was wronged (monkey badly behave on TV also)... with her monkey out of control, hissing at people, slapping & biting them......

    Her training (or the lack of) was questioned.... and when she could not prove the training, she ended up with one lawsuit after another from various retailers..... for trying to claim Service Animal when the animal clearly was not..... and she was found guilty --- in addition, her multiple lawsuits against various businesses were refused by the courts --

    Federal Law does provide the ability to Criminally Charge anyone who is proven to claim SD protection for personal gain.... however, the burden of proof is on the business... and that can be tough to push because of the limitations on what a business can ask

    I have always believed that any owner-trainer should enlist a training team..... other knowledgeable people who can keep an eye out for undesirable behavior.... because a PWD who is training their own SD inevitably will be biased towards the SD & might not wash-out the dog when the dog should not proceed (I always use a team of at least 5 trainers) - any form of aggression and displays of fight-flight in less than extreme situations should always be ruled-out & not used in public

    Additionally, only 1% of so of the canine population is well-suited to Public SD work

    Finally, I have seen CCI (at least 2 CCIs dogs & also dogs from other agencies)... dogs who graduate & supposedly passed all of their certifications... only to be placed with PWD & show behaviors such as Dog Aggression or Food Aggression..... and those dogs should have never been allowed to complete SD training!!! Just because an agency trains, doesn't mean the agency (who is under pressure to produce dogs & is funded based on that production) is willing to wash-out dogs who shouldn't be SDs

    To answer your initial question... what do I think of people who do this?: I think they are wrong for what they are doing... and I think they should be willing to experience a disabled life if they want to claim their pet as an SD... in addition, I think they should be held accountable for the supposed SDs behavior in public

    Source(s): I have done Civil Rights Paralegal Work... I have been involved in change in AL's SD laws... I have an owner trained SD... I have evaluated dozens of SD candidates and I have trained 5 to completion..
  • 9 years ago

    The owner of this dog must not be too visually impaired if she can effectively use a computer.

    Service dogs are allowed anywhere where their owners are. They are not considered pets, they are legally considered medical equipment. That being said, if a service dog is causing a disturbance, such as barking, growling, displaying aggressive behavior, barking in a movie theatre, stealing food off of grocery store shelves, etc. they CAN tell them that the dog must leave, but the owners are welcome to come back without the dog.

    It's disgusting that people would fake their pet to be a service animal. It's people like this that give REAL service dogs a bad name.

    Business owners cannot legally ask what a person's disability is, but they are permitted to ask something such as what the dog does for the owner. An example would be, "The dog alerts me to oncoming medical emergencies." (Seizure alert dog).

  • 9 years ago

    While service dogs can be all sizes, I think anyone (and it does happen) who says a pet is a service dog just to take it places dogs aren't allowed is totally disgusting. The are doing those that have and need true service dogs a potential disservice. They could eventually make it very difficult to take legitimate service dogs anywhere.

    Per ADA a business CAN ask if a dog (and it only applies to dogs not any other so-called service animal) is a service dog. They can ask what services it performs (and it MUST perform an actual physical service. Comfort pets are not covered under ADA). AND they have the right to ask the dog be removed from the premises if it is not behaving in an appropriate manner (i.e. acting aggressive, not housebroken, etc).

  • 9 years ago

    Maybe they are suffering from anxiety issues. Also, considering it was a small dog, they often act aggressive just because they are small.

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