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why hasnt he been kicked out of my school?

a kid in my school is sutch a pain he always late got 3 suspensions for screaming at ppl and a new one for punching a girl and all he gets is suspended why is the school keeping him ! in one week he got 1 caught with a knife 2 suspended for cussing at a girl n now hiting a girl btw this highschool -_-


i dont have a big prob w the guy he just annoying

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    Obviously it's hard to say without knowing a lot more about your school. I'm guessing it's a public school, since private schools have a much easier time expelling a student, and I'm assuming it's in the U.S. since most other countries also would be much more likely to expel a violent student. In most states, school systems have options such as an alternative education program for students like this, and they would be expected to try that first; this issue is particularly important if the student is part of a minority group that historically was subject to discrimination. For instance, in many parts of the U.S., black students often got expelled way more often and for lesser offenses than white students got by with. As a result, in many school systems the pendulum has swung the other way and they're likely to be over-tolerant. I also agree with the person who talked about how quick people are to sue these days; however, a lot of schools would be just as worried about getting sued by the family of the girl who was punched! Lastly, super-big and super-small school districts sometimes have a harder time getting this kind of thing addressed, because there are too many people to deal with (big districts) or too few resources (little districts).

    They may be having to go through a series of steps before they can go to the next level and send him to an AEP or expel him. I just hope no more people have to get hurt first! Try to find out what kind of printed "Code of Conduct" or similar document your school system has. It usually will spell out what kinds of behaviors may lead to expulsion and/or AEPs.

    Source(s): doctorate in education and been teaching in public schools since 1990
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    because everyone is sueing schools and the school board is scared to **** that they could loose tons of money because parents think there kid deserves to go there you see it on the news every where schools being sued its starting to become normal

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    I don't think you can kick some one out unless they did something to a teacher or staff member

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    Just pretend he's a baby and say coochie coochie coo!!!!

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