court cases united states vs. new york times?

i have a project and i am having a hard time finding why the case went to the supreme court.

help please.!!! anything will help

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    Facts of the Case

    In what became known as the "Pentagon Papers Case," the Nixon Administration attempted to prevent the New York Times and Washington Post from publishing materials belonging to a classified Defense Department study regarding the history of United States activities in Vietnam. The President argued that prior restraint was necessary to protect national security. This case was decided together with United States v. Washington Post Co.


    Did the Nixon administration's efforts to prevent the publication of what it termed "classified information" violate the First Amendment?


    6 votes for New York Times, 3 vote(s) against

    Legal provision: Amendment 1: Speech, Press, and Assembly

    Yes. In its per curiam opinion the Court held that the government did not overcome the "heavy presumption against" prior restraint of the press in this case. Justices Black and Douglas argued tthat the vague word "security" should not be used "to abrogate the fundamental law embodied in the First Amendment." Justice Brennan reasoned that since publication would not cause an inevitable, direct, and immediate event imperiling the safety of American forces, prior restraint was unjustified.

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    It got to the Supreme Court because the Times appealed the decision of the US Court of Appeals, 2nd Circuit, and the Supreme Court accepted the appeal.

    Would you like to know what was at issue? Read the Supreme Court's opinion and the Wikipedia article.

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    More than likely it was a freedom of speech issue each time and the big court gets many of those.

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    The Pentagon Papers revealed that interior the Vietnam conflict, the government were secretly bombing Laos and Cambodia and in any different case deceptive the many times used public. A whistleblower interior the Pentagon named Daniel Ellsberg grew to become into in contact approximately this, and leaked the small print to the manhattan cases. After the manhattan cases made particular that the information (generally historic) could pose no risk to america, it revealed the Pentagon Papers, on account that this grew to become into significant public information, e book of which grew to become into criminal under the 1st modification. President Richard Nixon sought and gained an injunction blockading extra e book in courtroom in line with a sturdy deference to the administrative branch's judgements touching directly to national risk-free practices pursuits. The NYT appealed, and the very maximum suitable courtroom chanced on that the administrative's pastime in conserving national risk-free practices grew to become into conquer via the 1st A's ban on earlier restraints (in reality, censorship). by way of fact the information grew to become into of no genuine skill harm (to anybody however the administration) and because it grew to become into precisely the type of cloth the 1st A grew to become into designed to guard (a needed remember of public debate), the injunction grew to become into overturned. The courtroom issued like 9 distinctive critiques, so which you're remarkable--that is an extremely complicated case. It grew to become into in basic terms approximately impossible to make certain what the conserving of the case grew to become into (in reality, what's regulation in keeping with the very maximum suitable courtroom is the narrowest conserving supported via the main justices, and whilst maximum of have distinctive critiques, that is complicated to examine in basic terms what opinion will become regulation). yet what's definite is that it grew to become right into a great victory for press freedom, and the e book of the Pentagon Papers grew to become right into a turning component against the Vietnam conflict and Nixon.

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