Swiss Citizenship and what not?

My father was born in Switzerland, and my Mother just born in the U.S.

I was wondering if in the future, I wanted to move to Switzerland, would I have to er how to put it.. Would I have to 'become' legally a Swiss Citizen live there? Or could I just live there?

I have been to Switzerland a few times when I was younger, and I always loved it there so I was thinking about moving there when I'm old enough.

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  • 8 years ago
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    It depends on the marital status of your parents:

    -If your father had Swiss citizenship at the time of your birth and was married to your mother (or married her later), you are already a Swiss citizen. In this case you must remember to have your foreign birth registered at the Swiss embassy before your 22nd birthday or you could lose your Swiss citizenship since you live abroad.

    -If your father had Swiss citizenship at the time of your birth but *never* married your mother, you don't have Swiss citizenship right now. However, you can apply for Swiss citizenship by naturalization anytime prior to your 22nd birthday. If this is your situation contact the Swiss embassy about how to make an application.

    Once you obtain a Swiss passport you are legally allowed to live in Switzerland on your own at age 18. Again, you can keep both your U.S. and Swiss citizenships and passports simultaneously.

    How do your children become or remain Swiss citizens?

    Embassy of Switzerland

    2900 Cathedral Ave NW

    Washington, DC 20008-3405

    (202) 745-7900

    Source(s): Federal Department of Foreign Affairs, Switzerland
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