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i have a doubt about steam?

ok, so let's say i buy a game on steam, if i have to format my computer will steam give me the game again or do i have to buy it all over again, or do they give me an installer when i download?

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  • 8 years ago
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    I've formatted my computer like 20 times, and steam still retains the fact that I bought the game.

    The way it works is this, you buy the game on steam, and steam asks you if you want to install it

    You click yes. You wait for the game to download, then it installs, and you're good to go!

    What If you format your computer after buying the game?

    Don't freak, Steam still knows you bought the game because the transaction info is stored on their website, While the Steam Icons will be gone, It still "remembers" that you have bought the game (so long as you log into the same account each time). Once you re-download Steam and it installs, the purchased game will be in your games list, and upon clicking it Steam will ask you to install it. (Because the games files are wiped due to format)

    AGAIN the files needed to PLAY the game no longer exist, BUT the files needed to INSTALL the game and validate your purchase are safe.

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  • 8 years ago

    Everything you purchase on Steam is added to your Library, and (most) games can be downloaded as many times as you want from Steam on any computer. Retail games you have registered on Steam such as Skyrim, Modern Warfare 3, and Portal 2 are the same way, although in their case you can simply insert the disc and select "install" and it will prompt you to log into Steam. You don't need to put the key in again. Alternatively, you can simply download those games from Steam if you lose the disc.

    The "most" is because there are a handful of games that use 3rd party DRM like Securom that limits the number of installs, but included in those games is a program you can run in the game folder that "deactivates" your computer and frees up an install. You can refer to the game's store page on Steam to see if it uses any 3rd party DRM. I'd say probably about 98% of games on Steam do not use this DRM and can be downloaded whenever and wherever without problems though.

    You can also backup your game files onto an external hard drive or disc if you do not want to download them again. First make sure the game is fully updated (run the game while connected online to make sure) and then right click the game and select "backup game files..." and it will take through a wizard that lets you choose what games you want to make backups of and even lets you split the files into CD or DVD-sized chunks for easier burning to disc. Once you finish the backup process, you can copy them to an external drive or burn them to a disc with your favorite burning software. Actually I think Windows Vista and 7 can burn files to a disc without any extra software. To reinstall your backup games, simply open up the backup folder on the disc or your drive and run the EXE file included inside and it will automatically launch Steam and restore your games.

    Overall, having to reinstall or format your computer with Steam is incredibly hassle free, and it's why I do most of my game purchases on Steam.

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  • MaX
    Lv 7
    8 years ago

    You don't have to buy the game again. Just downloaded the game and start playing.

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