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Tips for running my first 5K?

My wife and I are attempting the Warrior dash this July, we have a training program that has worked pretty well for us so far, but was looking for race day tips. Ie. what to eat before the race and how much, how much water to drink before hand, food/drink to have available after the race to speed recovery, should we run the day before or rest, and if we should run should it be longer shorter or the same as the actual race. Any tips you have would be appreciated.

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  • Chris
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    9 years ago

    Practice how you play. Unless it's easy for you to do 5k, try to keep the same distance, otherwise you'll pace yourself for a longer run... though it can make a 5k easier in the long run (if you're able to turn up the juice).

    Eat some pasta the night before, not too much salad or that sort of thing... you don't want anything that will leave you bloated, and the only running you want to be doing is with your feet on the track.

    Powerade is great for quenching, but don't overdo it- Water, water, water. That's the best. Drink enough to not be thirsty in advance, but not so much you're sloshing around distracted. You don't want to be cotton-mouthed during the run.

    Stretch before (not just legs, but arms and back), and after (keeping your head above your heart after the run until you're coold down enough to bend and stretch- don't want to get woozy or keel over).

    Get some good shoes- and make sure they're broken in before the race (don't want your feet getting blistered or cramping during the run because your shoes are too new). I started using Nike Air cross-trainers in the mid to late 90s and have sworn by them since because they are light, and they don't crush down like foam (making them better for your joints)

    Source(s): My last 5k was in Baghdad a couple years ago- finished in the top 1/4, despite being a disabled vet, and I got out of shape after getting home, so I'm working to get back in the routine. about half through Couch To 5K. Thinking about doing the Warrior Dash... but that fee is a bit much. I used to lead the PT class to get people in shape to pass the PT test.
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