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who are some other good singers like julie roberts, lee ann womack?


actually d.a. JULIE roberts is a country singer also. therefore i am now lmfao at you

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    Yup, LMFAO at the FIRST answerer, and country music rocks! :) Julie Roberts IS a country singer.

    Have you tried asking in the country music section? You might get better answers there :)

    Patty Loveless is one of my favorite country singers, you might check out her music.

    Youtube thumbnail

    ..This is my favorite song by her.

    Edit: For those who don't know Julie Roberts, and her ''country music''..

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    julia roberts isnt a singer....lmfaoo. shes an actress.

    and lee ann womack is a country singer..and country is a disgusting genre of music,

    so that means shes a terrible singer

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