Why did my computer DVD Burner stop working?

I have a Dell PC with Windows XP installed on it. It has (well had) both a CD/DVD Rom drive and a DVD-RW Burner Drive. I used to be able to write DVD & CDs with the 2nd drive but suddenly it just stopped working for no reason. When I look in the device manager it lists the drive as a DVD-Rom only, not a burner. And when I did a microsoft diagnostics fix on it, it too said "this drive is not capable of writing". I tried uninstalling it and then reinstalling and that didn't work. Why would it just stop writing and change its format on it's own? And is this worth getting fixed or should I just buy a new DVD burner? This one is about 5 years old.

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  • 9 years ago
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    Sadly I like to inform you that you drive is malfunction and need to replace.

    But before you replace it try the following steps.

    Uninstall the device and shutdown the computer

    remove it complete from you system, i mean open the box, remove the ide cable or sata from the drive. You may leave the box open.

    restart the computer and login

    shut it down again

    Attached the drive again

    start the computer and login

    If the drive work again you are lucky otherwise replace the drive, buy a new one

    The step I let you do are unnecessary, but I let you did it to assure you that the device may be dead and that I do not assume things

  • David
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    9 years ago

    It could be as easy as a new device driver needed!

    You could go to your Device Manager and right-click on the device, go to Properties and update your driver online.

    Another possibility could be that the drive is broken and needs replacing. In that case check out EBAY for a suitable disc drive for a bargain price.

    Most of them are still in very good condition, although being used and refurbished!

    Yet another possibility could be that the DVD burner lens is burnt out / broken...in that case replace the drive as well!

    This happened to me, the drive was working perfectly and still plays any form of discs, but wont burn anything anymore. But in my case the Device Manager showed that device still as DVD-RW drive, not DVD drive.

    I then bought a new external DVD-RW drive which plugs in via USB, and works perfectly...even better and faster!

    Source(s): EBAY Update driver
  • 9 years ago

    Get a new OS (Dont buy it)

    Scratch taht. Get a new computer lol

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