Can you explain to me why SOME Idolize Stars? and Singers?

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  • 9 years ago
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    I idolize singers because I am addicted to music. I spend hours on end just listening to music, so when a singer has a voice that gives me goosebumps paired with the skills for song writing, I tend to start liking that person. I do however make it a point to idolize their TALENT, not them as a person because I have no idea what their personalities are like.

  • 9 years ago

    I can understand when People Idolize someone because of their talent, because they can sing, act, rap whatever..

    but I CAN'T understand when stupid people idolize celebs, to the point of stalking and wanting to read every juicy detail about their private lives, that's why I kinda hat the paparazzi.

    Also, I do not for the life of me understand why people Idolize reality stars for no apparent reason..

    So basically I can't answer your question, I just added a little to the confusion! :S

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