I didn't get into Iowa State University because...?

I got into schools of higher ranking.And that's ODD.Please let me know ASAP.

My qualifications are:



SAT: 530 in CR,650 Math,660 Writing

I know they're bad but I came to the point,I am a bad test taker.Can't take again.Apps are sent as well.

Good recommendation letters.There's no GPA for Indian board but my grades are not bad.The lowest I've got is B and there are more A's and A+'s.Also,in tenth grade my Main Exam CGPA was 9.6 which is the third highest in the entire school.


1)Street-play competition on topic Drug Addiction (Inter school level)

2)Learnt Indian Classical Music for 8 years and given many stage performances.

3)Went for Abacus classes to BRAINOBRAIN Abacus Development, a programme facilitating mental mathematics through the use of abacus.

4)Volunteer for school Fund raising Programme.


o First Place, Street-play competition held by Modern High School, Dubai, 2010.

o Participated in Indian Classical Music night organized by Sruthilaya, 2006 and 2009.

o Completed seven levels of BRAINOBRAIN Abacus Development, a programme facilitating mental mathematics through the use of abacus.

o Secured the position of ‘Champion’ in the first Brainobrain UAE National Competition ‘Brainobrain Fest’, UAE, held on 25th April,2008 in Dubai.

o Received the Demo Appreciation Award in the second UAE National Abacus Competition ‘Brainobrain Fest’, 2010, held on 10th December, 2010, Dubai


o Associated with some social activities in the year 2009, 2010 and 2011 during Summer School Holidays in India. Taught unprivileged students math and science.


o During the holidays, attended Internship in the following companies:

-Gulf Turrets LLC, UAE.

-Bosco Aluminium and Glass Co. LLC, UAE.

-Nishtha Technologies India Pvt. Ltd.

Honest opinion :)

I got into SUNY and Cincinnati (Don't know why that should matter)

No rude answers.Also,this is just an opinion that I want.So please help answerians! :

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    Every school has an admissions office that screens all applicants.

    Sometimes, the admissions guidelines are straightforward: looking for certain GPA thresholds and standardized test scores. Meet them, and you're in; fall short, and you're not.

    Some admissions counselors will take other factors into account as well - for example, if the scores are low, but not too low, and extra-curricular activities are strong, they might admit the student anyway.

    Sometimes other factors come into play, too. For example, if one particular program has too many applicants in a given year (or too few), the admissions requirements might be made more stringent (or more relaxed).

    Schools with higher rankings aren't necessarily harder to get into. A lot of it depends on the number of applicants, and the particular programs. Plus, these schools aren't ranked by admissions requirements alone.

    You could probably call the admissions office at ISU and ask an admissions counselor, particularly if you tell them you are interested in reapplying next year, so you want to know why you fell short this year. If you are polite and not confrontational, I'm guessing they would be glad to answer your question.

    Source(s): I work in higher ed.
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