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0.7 carat versus 0.85 carat diamond?

i am looking into an engagement ring but i am not an expert on the topic. i did a little reading at diamondbuyingguide.com, canvassed, and the following fall into my budget:

0.7 carat, VVS clarity, G color at $4900 versus

0.85 carat, VS clarity, J color at $6300

both have similar cuts and authentic certificates. oddly, the gemologist at the store has higher praise for the smaller diamond with better C's than the bigger stone, but says any of these 2 is real value for money.

can any body shed light on this? i am really confused

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    From the information you have given, smaller one looks a better option. however picture would be more clear if you can be more specific about the clarity of diamond. Like is it VVS1 or VVs2, like wise VS1 or VS2?

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