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Anonymous asked in SportsFootball (Soccer)English Football (Soccer) · 9 years ago

Which top English Premier League football teams will be left out of any winning silverware this year?

I see:

Liverpool winning the Carling Cup

Tottenham winning the FA Cup

Manchester United winning the UEFA Europa League

Manchester City winning the Barclay's Premier League

Arsenal & Chelsea being eliminated in the Round of 16 of the Champions League..what do you think?

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago
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    liverpool winning the carling cup

    liverpool winning the fa cup

    barcelona winning the champions league

    man utd winning the PL

    man utd/man city winning the europa (thats IF they take it seriously)

    so arsenal, chelsea, tottenham and maybe man city, arsenal and tottenham put the league first, both managers said it so if both were knocked out, they rather look at the brighter picture than what went wrong

  • 9 years ago

    Liverpool FC in their glorious form winning Carling Cup, yes.

    the Spurs can snag the FA Cup if they keep up their game play.

    United winning UEFA Europa League? positive

    Manchester City winning Premier League ?got to watch out for that one since United's with them at the top now after they got defeated by Everton.

    Arsenal & Chelsea being eliminated in the Round of 16 of the Champions League. My say? a big HAHA.

    Too early to tell though, still long way to go

    Source(s): My endless subscription to watching & reading football matches
  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Carling Cup ...Liverpool

    FA Cup.........Chelsea/ Tottenham / Liverpool

    Premier League...Manchester United

    Champions League ....Barcelona.

    Europa League..Manchester United.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Arsenal and Chelsea will win nothing this season

    Liverpool will win Carling cup

    FA Cup I think Tottenham or Liverpool will win it

    Man United will win the league

    City will win Europa League

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  • 9 years ago

    I hate to say it but yes, Liverpool will win the Carling Cup.

    Spurs on current form for the FA Cup.

    I have a feeling Man United will pip the BPL title, due to experience.

    Man City for the Europa League, I feel that's more their players style of play.

    Arsenal to get knocked out in Round 16

    Chelsea to lose in Semi Finals.

    Barca to win it.

  • Why aren't any of you mentioning Newcastle?

    I think that the only teams to win anything will be City, Liverpool and one of the others who are still in the FA cup.

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