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Could my cousin - an Army officer - swear me into the Army National Guard?

Hello, I'm 16 (turning 17 in May) and my father may let me enlist with his consent in the U.S. Army. I was talking to my guidance counselor today, and he said that at 17 I could go to basic training in the National Guard this upcoming summer, and then eventually transfer from the Army National Guard to active Army.

Before I talked to my guidance counselor, I talked to my cousin - a Captain in the U.S. Army. He said he wants to fly up here and swear me in at my oath of enlistment. But, now talking to my guidance counselor, will it be possible to enlist into the Army National Guard and have an active Army officer swear me in?

Or could I also take basic training for the Army Reserves this upcoming summer, perhaps?

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    Any commissioned officer can, even one from another service.

  • Daryl
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    8 years ago

    Your cousin can swear you in. DO NOT join the guard thinking that you can easily go active duty. If the guard does not wan't to release you from the contract...they don't have to. Just go active duty.

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    if you are joining the GUARD or RESERVES, any commissioned officer can swear you in. on active duty, your initial swearing in will be by the duty officer of the day at the MEPS. for re-enlisting purposes, you can arrange to have any commissioned officer do it for you.

    I swore in my little sister, and then pinned one of her bars on her when she received her BSN.

    it's quite an honor

  • Wraeth
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    Only the National Guard and Reserves do the Split Op program, where you go to BCT before your Senior year, and AIT after you graduate.

    If you want to be ACTIVE this is NOT the route to go. To go active from the Guard or Reserves, you have to request it through your chain of command and they have to LET you go in addition to having someplace FOR you to go. With the current draw down in the Active forces, you are not likely to get approved. If you want to be active, wait till you graduate and then go.

    Source(s): US Army Scout
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  • Hayley
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    I don't see why not.

    Every officer at every MEPS who swears people in are on active duty or on an active duty status (if they're Guard/Reserve).


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  • Mrsjvb
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    8 years ago

    yes he can but you must make arrangements ahead of time

    DH swore in his son when he enlisted into the Navy

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    Yes, your cousin can swear you in.

  • Anonymous
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    YES! YES! You can also ask General Amos Halftrack or General Nuisance or General Motors or General Custer to swear you into the Army!!!

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