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What do you think is wrong with America?

Just answer yes or no if you agree or disagree.

Wars weaken the moral of American people.

Did congress declare a war because we have been in one for many years undeclared and this make all of our Leaders in Congress liars.

Didn't President Obama promise Health care to every American and a better economy three years ago and none of this has been done so do you think these were just more lies?

The Patriot Act has caused Americans to loose freedoms to be secure in their persons. This is unconstitutional to allow persons to be touched with out probable cause as this is unconstitutional? Or in their homes? I personally do not like being on cameras. I was when I worked in a jail and now that I am a retired citizen who still votes I think this is stupid. And unconstitutional.

Do you think free time needs to be given to each candidate in the media so large special interests groups and lobbyist who do not have We The People's best interests at heart but their own agenda to be greedy can voice their character and what they will do if elected?

Do you believe my quote. Of the people, by the People and For the People has become What can leaders and the influential Do To The people?

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    The political set up in the USA is totally wrong, the people are the same as you will find any where else, they work play eat drink Etc, some are nicer than others.

    In the years following the first world war, America took centre stage, they were instrumental in both the economic & political realignment of the world, during the 1920 / 1930 stock market crash they again took the lead, Roosevelt was almost personally responsible for building first America then the world out of that economic hole. After the second world war, it was Truman. The world owes a great debt to the people of America for what they did then.

    But now America dose not have a democracy, to fight an election takes millions of dollars, look at who are the major contributors, big business. They support both sides, they don’t favour a political party, there not fighting for there beliefs or what they consider right or wrong. Because it takes so much to fight an election in the USA, the political parties know if they are to have a chance to even contest the next election, they must boucle under to big business, or fail as a political party.

    So the only thing wrong about the USA, is who actually runs the government, and that is not the elective representatives, but big business, with it’s goal of freedom from out side intervention, especially in regard to pollution control, subsidies. The beef farms in the USA are subsidised to over $1.00 a head of cattle. The USA has on many occasions taken action against other countries for subsidising farmers over an amount less than $0.10, or 10 cents.

    The truth is the USA cant afford to have a fair playing field where economics are concerned, big business wont allow it, nor will they allow action to be taken to reduce the present pollution, let alone clean up massive areas of the USA, that have become polluted due to historical events. Not to mention children still being killed by US armaments, mines mainly that should have been removed decades ago.

    The court system in the USA is also under the control of big business, there are at present over a million court cases filed, that the US court system has delayed, and will continue to delay until the person who is being claimed for dies. It a simple fact that both insurance & big business use this method to avoid paying compensation to people, both in and outside of the USA. In other words, you can kill cripple harm any one you want, by poison pollution Etc and the US courts will help you avoid any consequences. You try just throwing a rotten tomato at a judge / political leader, see what happens to you.

    The USA lost the moral high ground decades ago, uses it military & economic power to the determent of the world as a hole. The USA used to try wining hearts and minds, today they have managed to alienate most of the human race in one way or another. This is a pity, the USA is properly the only countries that can lead the way in the present situation. But until real democracy returns to the USA, ousting the present system, allowing for real independence of other countries & peoples. It will remain the bully child, unwelcome & unloved.

    The USA made a lot of the people who died in the twin towers, has any one in the USA, counted the civilians that have died due to bombing alone in the revenge campaigns that used 9/11 as an excuse to commit mass murder ? At least in Vietnam, some of the military were held responsible for there actions. The people who died had families / friends / loved ones, can any one in the USA not realise that they are building up a situation that can only backfire on the people of the USA, who are wrongly considered to be responsible.

    Well you asked for my option, you have it. But I doubt that many will agree with me. In the past the USA was world leader, they held the moral high ground. Today, America though it’s government agencies, condone child murder though chemical pollution, deprives people of any compensation. Actively uses lies to conduct military campaigns that kill thousands of innocents.

    We are in the middle of the biggest mass extinction that humans know of, fish stocks at a level that will eliminate whole spices in less than a decade, heavy metal pollution in the sea’s is directly responsible for lower birth rates of aquatic species. Global warming, no matter what the cause is still effecting the whole planet.

    What we need now is a responsible leader, not a murderous bully.


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    Lazy, corrupt leaders, leading lazy corrupt followers.

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