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This song was in the movie Keith with Jesse McCartney?

it was at the beginning of the movie, right after her alarm went off. it was the second song to play after the movie started. it has a guitar lead

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    In the end of the Credits they show the songs im not sure which one you are looking for but here is the names to it.

    -All This Gravity by The Tree Adams Band

    -Boxcar by The Tree Adams Band

    -Notty Garanja by Akmak

    -Path of Most Resistance by The Tree Adams Band & Niki J Crawford

    -Addicted by Niki J Crawford

    -Grilled Onions by The Tree Adams Band

    -Sideways Again by The Tree Adams Band

    -Your So by Shannon Skov & The Tree Adams Band

    -I Know It's Gonna Happen- The Tree Adams Band

    -Marmalade Man by The Tree Adams Band

    -Fuzzy by The Tree Adams

    -You Only Go Round by The Tree Adams

    -Box Outside Your Door by The Tree Adams

    -County Line by The Tree Adams

    -Playin the Numbers by Nelson Marquez and The Tree Adams

    -Cowboy Valhallah by The Tree Adams

    -Damn all the Fallacies by The Tree Adams

    -Hot Trampoline by The Tree Adams

    -Boys in Cars by Shannon DAvis &Tree Adams

    -Times Infinity by Mexicolas

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    The whole music for the movie's been composed by Tree someone! I forgot the name! I tried looking for the credits online but I can't find them. The movie credits've got all the names of the songs! But the music's really really amazing and it suits the movie. People say "We can go Anywhere" by Jesse McCartney was included in the movie, but it really wasn't! Maybe it was part of the soundtrack or something? Its one of my favourite tracks and you should listen to it!

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