Lots of life changes. How will this effect our taxes?

Last year was absolutely crazy. Now it's time to file taxes, and I was wondering how it will effect that (different deductions, paying different state taxes, etc). So, I got out of college at the end of 2010, and moved in with my (then) fiancee. He got a good job offer, so we moved from Arkansas to New York state so he could work out of northern Pennsylvania. We had to pay for a hotel for the first few weeks before we got a place. I kept a lot of the receipts just in case we needed them. We got married in September. I haven't gotten my new social security card or driver's license yet. We're filing jointly, this Saturday. I was just wondering how all of this will play into our taxes. Can we get a deduction for having to move so far and for paying $400 a week for that hotel? Will we need to pay into NY taxes since only PA taxes are taken out of his checks? Any good help would be very much appreciated.

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    you will now be filing jointly on income of both of you

    if he moved from one job in Ark to a new job in NY this could involve moving expenses and the hotel would be included, you can find a publication at www.irs.gov about the requirements of this credit and the form to use

    the tax home is where you work unless it is short, temporary or less than a year's duration-this appears to be permanent job and would file PA state taxes

    New York has numerous local taxes you may be r'qrd to pay

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    You will get the moving for a job as a deduction. Depending on state and income made you might also have a state tax. Save receipts to make sure the process goes smooth. Claim everything and good luck

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    If you opt to prepare you taxes online thru like TaxBrain or TaxAct it should walk you thru all of it...I do mine with TaxBrain and I know it asks the question about moving for a job and stuff

    That is probably your best way to get it all figured out.

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