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Wrestling Section do you think "Jim Crockett Promotions Fan" aka Julius C is an alien?

Seriously this guy goes to many WWE,ROH,TNA ect events or so he says .he says he has talked with all of those promotions wrestlers.Never seen him joking around and acts like an alien or some kind of machine.Do you really think he goes to all of those promotions events? what is he a millionaire?.The only person that comes to mind of who might be Julius C is that WWE sign guy.

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    It would appear that you are jealous and not too bright. In case you don't realize it, millions of people live within driving distance of New York City, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington. New York City and Philadelphia are two of the largest cities in The United States and Professional Wrestling Promotions run shows in Philadelphia all the time. The Fan Bases support Professional Wrestling in those cities. That is why TNA, ROH, DGUSA, CZW and other Professional Wrestling Promotions run shows in those cities. For the price that WWE wants for tickets for the first 4 Rows at Wrestlemania XXVIII, I can buy tickets for 15 ROH Shows and have money left over.

    Obviously, you never go To Wrestling Shows and have no idea as to how much tickets cost. I pay more for NBA, NHL and NFL Tickets for each game that I usually pay for Wrestling Shows. You'll have to excuse me, I've got to head to The Washington Convention Center and stand in line for Randy Orton's Autograph. It's also clear that you never go to Wreslting Shows, so you no nothing about Fan Fests and Meet and Greets that Dragon Gate USA, Ring of Honor and other Professional Wreslting Promotions do. WWE has WWE Axxess The Week of Wrestlemania and The Week of SummerSlam, other than that you have to wait for public appearances.

    No, I'm not Sign Guy, but I do see Sign Guy at all types of Wrestling Shows in New York, Philadelphia and at Wrestlemania.

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    I majored in lit in college. I'd say for this poem, you need some background on the poet. It starts out kinda sad, with the view. 'Futures I've divorced' most like refers to abandoned hopes and dreams. The 'Don't look back' and knife reference is probably about getting over painful memories. That it no longer cuts implies hope. Or possibly numbness. The stuff on complacency probably means he feels he let someone down by not doing something he should have done. Thus the accusatory voices. The last paragraph is a bit more complicated. My sense is that the narrator learned his life lessons and acted accordingly, thus the immense blessings. This guy sounds like a soldier to me. One that believes that not taking action at some crucial moment caused others harm. Now he's turned that attitude around, and found some peace. He gave up old and futile attempts and took a different approach to life, and he's starting to find his life more rewarding. I don't generally like poems, but my parents spents thousands that they didn't have so I could learn to interpret then. I'm more about novels, though. Again, you'd probably benefit from knowing something of this writer's life. This one is pretty personal, beyond the general sense of the beauty and cruelty of the world I often see in lesser poems.

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    NO he aint but you're gay as to seeing you obsessed too much with the Yahoo Answers WS US LeaderBoard.

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