Can anyone look over my CV?

I hope anyone can offer some helpful advice or tips how I should shape my CV. I am looking to apply for the following postions in London:

Admin, Office or Team assistant (not reception duties if possible)

Data Entry

Entry/Trainee Finance posts

Here are some of the problems I think I will have when applying for any jobs.

I'm 27 and educated up to A Levels. I can type about 30wpm but not touch or copy typing. Some understanding of MS Word and Excel mainly, but I'm unsure how I would quanitfy this on a CV as most job ads define MS Office abilities as proficient/advanced or some other terms.

Below is a rough template of my CV so far.

Name Address, Mobile, Email

Personal Summary

Ambitious, conscientious and highly motivated individual, keen to take on the daily challenges and rewards of working in a professional environment. Possessing a 'can do' attitude, willingness to take on routine but essential tasks and looking to develop their career with a leading company.

Looking for a suitable position that offers lots of opportunity for career development and also makes best use of my existing skills and experience.

Key Skills and Competencies

• Good IT skills and a proficient user of MS Office. (Unsure on this part)

• Well presented and good communication skills.

• Good interpersonal skills and well spoken with a good telephone manner.

• Strong organisational, analytical and problem solving skills.

• Able to multitask, manage workload and work effectively under pressure.

• Flexible, adaptable and willing to learn new skills.

• Able to work both independently and in a team environment.

Education / Qualifications


2010 – 2011 Birkbeck University of London

Certificate of Higher Education Physics and Mathematics

Distinction Award

2002 – 2003 University College London (Dropped out, studying Computer Science)

2000 – 2002 Sixth Form

A Levels - Mathematics: Grade A

Design & Technology: Grade A

Physics: Grade B

AS Level - ICT: Grade B

1995 – 2000 Secondary School

10 A*-C GCSE passes

(Including English, Maths and Double Science)

Work Experience

Jan 2003 – Aug 2010

Home Carer

Due to my mother developing epilepsy, I chose to drop out of university and then eventually all forms of work to stay at home and become her primary carer during this period.

Oct 2008 – Mar 2010

Company Name

Electricians Mate

I was employed on an occasional basis to provide assistance with cabling/data cabling, stock taking and other general on site tasks.

Aug 2002 – June 2007

Company Name

Sales Assistant

Whilst working for Total I was trained on customer service, tills, health and safety and stockroom activity. I was gradually entrusted to work more independently, given responsibility for managing the shop floor if needed, cash handling, stock replenishment and deliveries.

Apr 2003 – Dec 2004

Company Name

Sales Assistant

In this role my main duties whilst here were customer service that included stock taking and replenishment, merchandising, cash handling and over time greater responsibilities to include managing different concession departments and the shop floor whenever necessary. Whilst at burtons worked in target driven environment promoting and selling the arcadia group store cards.

June 2000 – Sep 2000

Company Name

Office Junior

This was a summer job at the head office of HSBC assisting in the smooth running of the office by processing invoices, producing company letters, dealing with enquiries and other general clerical duties.


Referees available upon request.

As you can see I may have some problems when it comes to my work history and office/admin skills.

Any questions or help/advice would be most gratefully appreciated.

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    If you are going to apply to an "admin" type of job, you should have good Office skills. Now what one person calls "proficient skills", another might call those "beginner" level, so this is a sort of gray zone. But at the least, you should know how to edit text, do find/replace, know formatting (bold/italics), outlining/centering, and how to work with bullets. In Excel, you should know how to write basic formulas (sums, multiplication) and how to copy/paste formulas, values, and transpose cells. Filtering and sorting would also be good to know. There are many online sites where you can brush up your skills while waiting for your job interview.

    With respect to your resume, that looks nice. I liked the Personal Summary part, that was convincing. Not sure about the "looking to develop their career", shouldn't "their" be "my"? (I am not a native English speaker, so maybe I do not understand this correctly). The second, objective-like sentence was a bit too general for me - that would apply to pretty much everybody looking for a job. Objectives are a bit outdated, you can maybe drop this line.

    As a US resident, I would interpret "good skills" as "not so good", but that might be different in the UK. Here we use words like "great".

    "well presented", what does that mean? That you can present yourself? That you look nicely groomed? I was not sure about that.

    "good telephone manner" - I would say great communication skills, but you already said that.

    "dropped out" - not a wording that you should use. I would say - no diploma obtained, or 3 years completed, or something like that.

    Home Carer - this is a tricky formulation. This might make you look very sympathetic in the eyes of HR manager 1, but HR manager 2 might put your resume on the wrong heap. The worst thing wrong with this is that it is listed at the top and that it says 2003-2010. You did work during part of that time, so I would only list Mar 10 - Aug 2010 or whenever you had no employment at all. Better still, I would consider leaving it out, or just saying "caretaker" and make it less personal (do not list that it was your mother, just say "family member") and do not list which disease was involved. Do not say that you dropped out.

    Some company or product names under Experience should have capitals.

    I hope this is helpful. You have a resume with a "gap", and those are tricky. However, you have taken up education again, so that shows you are back on track - professionally speaking.

    Good luck!

  • 9 years ago

    If you go on to nijobfinder there is an advice page that helps with writing CVs,

    Hope this helps!!

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