A couple questions on sexism?

Hi, I'm doing a project on sexism and I would like to have some questions answered if possible:

-What are the beliefs of feminism?

-Where is sexism the worst in the world? Why?

-What are some examples of nation-wide sexism? or sexism in history?


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    9 years ago
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    Feminism fights against sexism.

    Feminism fights for women's rights, but does not fight for men's rights.

    Feminism is, by definition, sexist.

    Feminism is a paradox.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Question 1: www.now.org

    Question 2: Probably the middle east or Africa. In those parts of the world, rape victims receive punishments, yes punishments, such as being stoned to death.

    Question 3: At one time women could not vote. That is sexism.

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    "What are the beliefs of feminism"

    Some of the stated aims of the radical feminists who actually started the feminist movement are the destruction of the nuclear family, the castration and enslavement of men or the genocide of men.

    "Where is sexism the worst in the world? Why?"

    In the East sexism is worse against women I am not sure of the reasons for this but I suspect it has a lot to do with traditions which were instigated by selfish Eastern men.

    In the west sexism is worse against men and the reasons for this is that women, some men and most politicians have been stupid enough to believe all the filthy disgusting lies of lunatic gender biased feminists.

    "What are some examples of nation-wide sexism? or sexism in history?"

    Women are legally allowed to force a man to become a parent against his will and to force him to pay for the privilege.

    Women are allowed by law to murder a man's unborn child against his will.

    Because of affirmative action women are given jobs that they have not earned, do not deserve and are not capable of doing properly.

    In domestic violence men are branded as the most violent gender when women are in point of fact the most violent gender.

    When it comes to child abuse men are regarded by law, by toxic feminists and by stupid women as the primary pedophiles and child abusers even though women actually neglect, abuse or murder their children more often than men do.

    Men are required to lay down their lives or risk losing limbs or sanity due to front line warfare and women are not.

    Men are required to do all of the dirty, dangerous and unpleasant back breaking work, women are not.

    Women can and DO sexually assault men on a regular basis with impunity. Men who sexually assault women are far more likely to be dealt with by gender biased laws.

    Women who lie about being raped in order to excuse their drunken whorish behaviour the night before (applies to almost half of reported rape cases) and who totally wreck innocent men's lives with this disgusting vile crime get away with it.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Sexism can be related to the first world war, during this time women were not able to fight for their country and althought they were able to take over some jobs they were paid around half of what men were paid, there is also examples of sexism in the book 'of mice and men' there is only one women in the whole book and she as referred to a "Curleys Wife" to show how women were portrayed as objects throughout history.

    Source(s): Things I learnt at college
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