What is a good digital camera to buy if looking for fast or adjustable shutter speed for low light photography?

Every digital camera I have ever owned requires the flash on or a tripod in order not to blur the image. After doing some reading, it looks as though increasing shutter speed would solve the problem, but I'm not sure what camera models allow for control over shutter speeds. I only have about $50 to spend on this, but I would not mind buying a used camera. I would like the camera to be a digital model so that I can get my pictures over to my computer by usb. Can you please suggest some camera models I should look into?

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  • jonal
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    9 years ago
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    You can make the shutter speed faster on auto cameras by increasing the ISO though at times it will only increase the aperture. That's the trouble with full auto. No control

    For $50 you'll need to get a used camera to get manual control of shutter speeds.

    A Minolta Z1 can be bought for that.

    Mine has been baked in the Atacama desert and frozen in a blizzard in the Andes crossing into Bolivia at a bad time...freak storm...and survived the rough and tumbles of backpacking trips on five continents.

    I still use it though I have more modern cameras because it's a delight to use, is very versatile, and it's reliable.

    It has a unique dual function screen and a very good viewfinder image, and a lens of 38 - 380mm equivalent on 35mm.

    Shutter speeds are manually adjustable from 15 seconds to 1/1000th second.

    It's 3.2Mb which is plenty to get sharp pictures on a 50" HDTV with full 1080 x 1920 resolution.

    1080 x 1920 = 2.07Mb.

    3Mb is more than enough for that and good enough for sharp 10x8 prints of high quality if you use the camera some some skill, as with all cameras.


    There are many other options from Minolta, Nikon, Canon, Pentax, Samsung etc.

    Shop around. for used cameras with full manual control. They don't have to be expensive so ignore the first two answers.

    You can buy a hundred a day of them as people go pixel crazy and give up perfectly good cameras for meaningless 14Mb crap which can be less capable than their older camera with far fewer Mb..

    Mb are not the prime factor for quality.

    See on here...everybody in agreement


    If the camera doesn't have USB just take the card out and put it into a USB card reader, then downoad the pics as normal. Card readers are very cheap.

  • 9 years ago

    You "might' be able to do or get something today for $50.... but common here, what kind of image quality will you get and what kind of control over a camera will $50 give..? Be realistic here and stop jerking us and your self around.

  • Taylor
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    9 years ago

    $50 isn't enough to buy even a basic P&S camera.

  • 9 years ago

    $50? forget it. No way you're gonna get manual controls for that.

    Keep saving.

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